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The research and development status and application prospects of new green packaging materials in China

green packaging materials have become the focus of environmental protection in the world today. After entering the 21st century, countries all over the world have invested a lot of human and financial resources in research and development. In North America, degradable plastics are growing at an annual rate of 17% and in Europe at an annual rate of 59%. China has been engaged in the research of biodegradable plastic production technology for more than 10 years. In 2001, Chen Guoqiang of Tsinghua University and his collaborators successfully developed and synthesized degradable polyester with the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Among them, Tsinghua University, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions have cooperated with enterprises in production, and the core technology is no worse than that of foreign companies. According to the statistics of the degradable plastics professional committee of the China Plastics Association, in 2002, there were more than 100 enterprises and institutions engaged in the R & D and production of degradable plastics in China, including Ningbo Tian'an biomaterials company, Zhejiang Haizheng biomaterials Co., Ltd., Wuhan Huali Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and others with good reputation in the industry

Shi Jihu, an associate professor of the law department of Hunan University of technology, told this magazine that it's not that everyone doesn't want to consume, but that they feel unable to afford to consume. Is it true that green packaging materials are an "unbearable" noble product as recognized by the industry? With the concerns of the industry, this magazine presents the latest progress and production use cases of a group of domestic R & D and manufacturers of green packaging materials for readers. Waterproof agents for fully degradable tableware and packaging products 1. Research and development status packaging materials have always faced a dilemma: waterproof packaging, such as plastic film, is difficult to degrade after being discarded, which will pollute the environment; Degradable packaging, such as ordinary paper, is not waterproof, and the scope of use is limited. How to achieve complete biodegradation, moisture-proof and waterproof, and can be widely used in the automatic packaging machine of existing production enterprises in the process of production and packaging? Guangdong Jieyang Yingwu Chemical Co., Ltd. has invented a new type of environmental protection packaging material - multifunctional waterproof agent for many years. The tests of Guangzhou microbial testing center and Guangdong Center for Disease Control and prevention showed that the material could be completely degraded by microorganisms, non-toxic to human body and non polluting to the environment. After years of research and repeated experiments, the company used cellulose as the base material, dissolved cellulose in alcohol solvents by etherification, and then coated all kinds of paper with the above synthetic waterproof agent to achieve the effects of moisture-proof, waterproof and automatic heat sealing, because cellulose can be decomposed by fungi in the garbage with the paper, so as to achieve the effect of complete degradation. This technology has also obtained the utility model patent (named "environmental protection composite paper") authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office on February 16th, 2005. According to the introduction, the environmental protection packaging products produced with multi-functional waterproof agents do not need to add special equipment in the processing process. During the processing process, the paper will not produce any wrinkles, and the drying speed is fast. The thickness of the adhesive layer can be adjusted according to the requirements. The produced paper can be waterproof, moisture-proof, heat sealed, cold coated, etc. 2、 Application prospect multifunctional waterproof agent can also be used as adhesive. It is more firm and waterproof than ordinary adhesive. It also has a long storage time and will not produce "burst" phenomenon. It can be widely used in food, tea, medicine, beverage granule and other packaging. The environmental protection composite packaging paper has been applied on the packaging paper of medical articles of "acaphenol medicine", "Xiaoer acetaminophen" of Guangdong Taicheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Jieyang shansheng medical device company. In addition to environmental protection, the use of this packaging material can also save energy. Because the use of plastic film requires a lot of petroleum resources, aluminum film requires a lot of ore mining, smelting, electrolytic purification, and the resources consumed in the production process are more serious. According to the current market comparable price, the cost of using environmentally friendly paper packaging is far lower than that of aluminum-plastic composite packaging. The advent of this new paper packaging material will not only play a great role in environmental protection, but also have a better effect on the health and safety of several major categories of product packaging, such as tea, food, drugs, beverage granules and so on$ Page break $water-soluble plastic film I. Research and development status Hunan University of technology and Guangdong Zhaoqing Fangxing packaging materials company, with the support of the science and Technology Department of China Packaging Corporation, jointly developed water-soluble film and production equipment, which have passed the provincial and ministerial appraisal and have been put into production at present. The main raw material of water-soluble packaging film is low alcoholysis (2) manipulation and transmission: check the technical state of each part of polyvinyl alcohol, make use of polyvinyl alcohol film-forming property, water solubility and degradability, and add various additives, such as surfactants, plasticizers, anti adhesion agents, etc. Water soluble film products are green packaging materials, which have been recognized by national environmental protection departments in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. Water soluble film is packed with PE plastic to keep its specific moisture content unchanged. When the water-soluble film is taken out of the PE package, its own water content changes with the environmental humidity, and its performance also changes. Water soluble film is a kind of antistatic film, which is different from other plastic films and has good antistatic property. In the process of using water-soluble film to package products, its plasticity will not be reduced and its electrostatic dust attachment performance will not be caused by static electricity. The water-soluble film has strong permeability to water and ammonia, but has good barrier to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. These characteristics make it possible to keep the ingredients and original smell of the packaged products intact. Water soluble packaging film also has good heat sealing property, which is suitable for resistance heat sealing and high-frequency heat sealing. The heat sealing strength is related to temperature, humidity, pressure, time and other conditions, which is generally greater than 200g/cm. Mechanical properties of water-soluble packaging film: elastic modulus 2500 ~ 400kg/cm2, tensile strength 400 ~ 200kg/cm2, tear force 200 ~ 50kg/cm, elongation 150 ~ 220%. The water-soluble film can be clearly printed by ordinary printing methods, and the printability is good. It has good oil resistance (vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil), fat resistance, resistance to organic solvents and carbohydrates, but strong alkali, strong acid, chlorine free radicals and other substances that can react with PVA, such as borax, boric acid, some dyes, etc. it is recommended not to use water-soluble film packaging for these substances. The water solubility of water-soluble films is related to their thickness and temperature, with a value of 25 μ For example, the dissolution time of m-thick film is ≤ 300s at 20 ℃, ≤ 50s at 30 ℃, and ≤ 30s at 40 ℃. 2、 Application prospect water soluble films have been widely valued by developed countries in the world because of their environmental protection characteristics. For example, Japan, the United States and France have produced and sold such products in large quantities, such as w.t.p company and c.c.i.p company in the United States, greensol company in France and synthetic chemical company in Japan. Their users are also some famous large companies, such as Bayer, Henkel, shell and other large companies have begun to use water-soluble film to package their products. In China, the water-soluble film market is rising. According to relevant statistics, China's annual demand for packaging film accounts for 20% of plastic products, about 309000 tons. Even if it accounts for 5% of the market, the annual demand is 15000 tons. At present, the market price of American products is 130000 ~ 170000 yuan/t, and that of Japanese products is 200000 ~ 250000 yuan/t. The sales price of domestic products is only 40% of that of the United States, and the average price is 60000 yuan/t, so it has strong competitiveness in price. Non polluting, non-toxic water-soluble PVA plastic film, suitable for all kinds of product packaging. Such as embroidery, pesticide packaging, toilet detergent (blue bubble), disposable water-soluble laundry bags for hospitals, curved surface printing (water transfer printing), clothing packaging, food preservation packaging$ Page break $highly water-soluble film I. Research and development status packaging film can be seen everywhere in daily life. It is needed for the packaging of clothing, food, cosmetics, electrical appliances and other products. However, when these films complete their mission, they are often abandoned, and their non degradable characteristics have caused shocking pollution to the environment. A highly water-soluble film was recently developed by Professor wendijiang of the school of materials engineering, Suzhou University. This newly developed polymer packaging film has no difference in appearance and strength from the plastic packaging film seen in daily production, but when a small piece of film is torn off and put into a cup of ordinary cold water, the film will shrink rapidly in the water and disappear after 50 seconds. Professor Wen said that this kind of non-toxic, degradable and highly water-soluble packaging film developed by the school of materials engineering of Jiangsu University is a highly practical environmental protection material. All its raw materials can be solved in China, so it is highly operable, cheap and has a broad market prospect in the process of promotion. 2、 Application prospect high water soluble film is very suitable for quantitative small packaging of toxic substances that need to be dissolved in water, such as the use of solid pesticides. It can scientifically, conveniently and accurately configure the solution with a certain concentration, and avoid direct contact with pesticides. A new type of washing powder packaging material also uses this new type of film packaging. Washing powder can be thrown into the washing machine with the bag. It will naturally dissolve in the washing process, which is very convenient, and the washing powder will not touch your hands, which will not affect the quality of clothes BASF said$ Page break $biaxially stretched polylactic acid film (bopla) Shanghai Chemical Plant Co., Ltd. has developed a biaxially stretched polylactic acid film (bopla) with corn as raw material. According to Chen Chaoquan, deputy chief engineer of the company, the raw material price of this film has been close to that of conventional materials, and the density and raw materials are also very close. In terms of performance, there is a great weakness when there is no double pulling. After biaxial stretching, all parameters are close to similar conventional materials. In addition to being degradable, its gloss, transparency and heat sealing are very good, and its folding is stable and strong, which is very suitable for candy packaging. Except that the temperature resistance of the film is not as good as that of pet, other properties of the film are close to or even better than that of pet (such as optical properties, heat sealability, etc.), which has fully met the performance requirements of general packaging films. In the context of the current rise in oil raw materials, the cost is almost the same as that of pet. At present, the company has passed the printing and coating tests, with good performance. Natural starch fully degradable packaging products Harbin Lvhuan bio is a starch based fully degradable tableware and packaging products developed by a solid disc degradable products development Co., Ltd. the raw materials of the packaging products are natural starch (starch produced by deep processing of crops such as corn, sweet potato, potato, broad bean, etc.), and an appropriate amount of fully degradable additives are added, which are molded into tableware and food packaging products of different specifications and shapes, The technical performance indicators fully comply with gb18006 national standard. It can be widely used in the internal and external packaging of products in agriculture, forestry, clothing, medicine, food, household appliances, it industry and many other industries$ Page break $wood pulp film ordinary wood pulp plus acetic acid can become a transparent, flawless, soft film. The correct name of environmental protection film is acetate film, because it is made of wood pulp and toxin free additives, which can decompose naturally and will not damage the environment. Films with high plasticity have many different applications, and the most common "window film" in foreign markets is one of them. This film has anti fog function, even if it is packed with hot food, it will

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