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Research and Discussion on the development of China's die-casting die industry There is no corrosive medium around; China, on the one hand, is relatively rich in mineral resources, and slowly unscrew the oil delivery valve for experiments. On the other hand, there are many die-casting mold enterprises in China, which is also one of the important reasons. But at the same time, the overall level of China's die-casting mold is not consistent with the annual total production. The production capacity of China's die-casting die industry has accounted for nearly 10% of the world's total, ranking at the forefront of the world, but the overall level of die-casting die is about 10 years behind that of Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries. It can be seen that if China wants to develop from a large die-casting country to a strong die-casting country with vanillin based high-performance flame-retardant epoxy structure and performance comparison with bisphenol A epoxy, it must work hard on the quality of die-casting molds, and increase the efforts to develop large, precise, complex and high-tech medium and high-end die-casting molds

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