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Pirci sincerely invites you to visit the 2010 China International Industry Expo

2010 China International Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the China Industrial Expo will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 9 to 13. After 12 years of trials and tribulations, the Industrial Expo has become China's first-class international industrial exhibition and a stage for manufacturers to compete for excellence.

in this exhibition, pirci will display many star products in the safety relay, safety sensor and safety PLC product series, and comprehensively show users pirci as a leader in the safety automation industry The solid strength of the enterprise. In this exhibition, pirci will display a full range of products, among which star products will also focus on demonstrations, such as PSEN safety sensing technology, automation system pss4000 and compact modular safety relay pnozsigma, to convey the latest safety technology from Germany to domestic users

PSEN safety sensor products are the perfect partner of safety controllers to jointly protect the safety of people and machines. Psenopt is used to protect dangerous points and dangerous areas. Compared with mechanical protection equipment such as safety doors, it has no wear and shorter response time, and has been widely used in most industries

pss4000 is a brand-new automation system launched by pirci, which can simplify the discrete control function and reduce the workload of the project. Pirci integrates safety control, standard control, motion control, diagnosis and visualization into one system with the professionalism of safety experts, providing a complete solution for all machine control and safety technology functions. Its software platform pas4000 (Pilz automation suite) is even more epoch-making, which enables users to maintain a centralized perspective on the discrete and distributed control structure. The automation system pss4000 can be applied to industrial fields of any scale and is gradually winning the attention of users

the compact modular safety relay pnozsigma attracts the attention of many users with its smaller size, more powerful functions, more flexible configuration and more convenient diagnosis. In addition to PolyOne Corp.'s more than 10 years of research by battell Memorial Institute on reducing noise, vibration and irregularity (NVH) and friction consumption, PNOZmulti Mini's serious impact on the environment is also a highlight. It can focus on the development of advanced building materials such as emergency stop, safety door, optical structure function, integrated green building materials, etc Both hands and many other safety functions are used for safety monitoring, and standard control functions can also be operated economically. As we all know, Pilz's PNOZmulti has achieved great success after its launch, and PNOZmulti Mini is smaller than PNOZmulti, and covers the basic application functions of PNOZmulti. It also has a direct display of information and status information, which has raised the information exchange with operators to a new level. Pilz firmly believes that this product will be a great success

2010 China Industry Expo is about to be held, and pirci has made full preparations to provide new experience for customers who have always supported and paid attention to pirci with the best technology and products. Pirci is looking forward to your visit

2010 China International Industry Expo

time: November 9-13, 2010 location: Shanghai New International Expo Center, China

pirci booth number: Hall E2 A035

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