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PLA replaces hips Danone yogurt product packaging and moves towards green

5% of the yogurt product packaging of the global food giant Danone Group has been converted to bio based polylactic acid material (PLA). At present, the company is evaluating and looking for opportunities to expand the use of this material

according to guerino madeddu, the upstream quality, development and service manager of hard plastics in the Americas of Danone Group, at present, Danone Group is located in the United States and the price is actually less than 80000 yuan -- Er, the brand organic yogurt of Stonyfield farms produced in the production base in Germany has begun to use PLA as the packaging material to replace the original hips

such a transformation requires the whole product flow to move forward, which is naturally much easier for a large company such as Danone Group than for some small companies. Madeddu said in an interview

Danone Group has an annual sales of more than 20billion euros (27billion US dollars), and is able to require its material suppliers to provide thorough product data. Therefore, the company does not need to worry about problems such as the media revealing that its packaging contains a hidden chemical one day

transparency is a requirement for cooperation with us. He said that providing clear information is not only to protect Danone, but also to protect all suppliers in the industrial chain

no one wants their products to appear on the front page of the new york times due to health problems. Nancy Hirshberg added. Hirshberg is the founder of Hirshberg strategic, a consulting company, and the former general manager of Ishihara farm. He helped Danone Group develop its PLA packaging in 2010

clearlam packaging, which means visibility is almost unimportant. Roman forowycz, chief marketing officer of ing, said that customers' interest in PLA rigid packaging has changed. Four years ago, the only driving factor was that customers were more interested in green products, but now PLA has begun to have a more competitive economic prospect. Clearlam packaging is convenient for local connection between laboratories to provide pla for horizontal molding filling sealed packaging

from the price per pound, PS is still cheaper than PLA, but because PLA packaging can be produced thinner and take up less space during shipment, the cost of each piece is basically the same as PS, forowycz said

at the same time, Danone Group also found that PLA is more price stable than petroleum based materials in the long run

pla is not perfect. For example, it cannot be used for hot filling molding, but it can be used in many hot air packaging systems

to this end, Clariant worked with Danone Group to develop chemical foaming agents to reduce the density of PLA, said Frank Neuber, application and development manager of additives and color masterbatches

combining the two, clear Lam can produce 27 mils thick PLA packaging, which is thinner than PS packaging (36 mils)

expanding business in emerging markets is the goal of Danone Group, and these data will continue to stimulate the interest of Danone and other large companies in PLA, looking for opportunities to expand the use of PLA in the product line. MADD can be made into transparent lampshades, illuminators, car reflectors and other edu said

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