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Place an order for 40 sets on the spot! CIMC Lingyu mixer Jiangsu special tasting will be wonderful constantly...

place an order for 40 units on the spot! CIMC Lingyu mixer Jiangsu special tasting meeting is wonderful and continuous...

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Product tasting

"the wind blows away suddenly, and the water in the Lake building is like the sky". The day in June is like a child's face. The sun is shining one second before, and the dark clouds may roll the next moment. In a blink of an eye, it has entered the middle of June, and the rainy season in the South has come with it. The dry heat of summer has finally been released after the rainstorm, and Lingyu also held a special tasting of mixer trucks in the hot summer

on June 8, Shaanxi Automobile and CIMC Lingyu held a grand special tasting meeting for mixer products in Shuyang, Suqian. The leaders attending the meeting included Shi Xiaojun, general manager of Shanqi Huning office, Guo Liang, commander of CIMC Lingyu East China war zone, Zhou Yuan, general manager of Shuyang Huaying company, and leaders of 24 commercial mixing stations and team personnel

advantages of Lingyu tanker

01 high quality steel is more wear-resistant

the mixer truck unveiled this time is an optimized product independently developed by Lingyu based on the standards required by laws and regulations, drawing on foreign design experience and combining domestic road conditions and operation requirements. The tank body is made of the latest generation of special high-strength wear-resistant steel. The impacted parts such as the inlet and outlet hopper are made of three-layer wear-resistant materials. The blades are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel with wear-resistant strips. The strength and wear resistance are more than 2 times that of general materials. Domestic salt lake brine lithium extraction process continues to improve

02 optimized design is more efficient

the tank adopts a "pear shaped" design, the vehicle layout is reasonable, and the combustion performance meets the requirements of GB 8624 (2) 012 B1 (b). The large blade, multiphase three-dimensional mixing mode fully meets the characteristics of domestic concrete, with fast feeding and discharging speed, low residue rate and more uniform mixing. In addition, large capacity water tank, pneumatic water supply, reasonable pipeline layout, wide flushing range, and cleaner and more thorough flushing effect

03 intelligent equipment is safer

at the same time, it can be equipped with anti-skid pedals, night work lights, electronic control constant speed, intelligent anti-collision, accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology, intelligent weighing and other intelligent systems, which not only reduces the working intensity of operators, but also improves safety

Shaanxi Automobile chassis

01 reasonable layout is more applicable

and Shaanxi Automobile chassis has military quality assurance, comprehensively optimizing chassis layout and improving tank adaptability; The new cab layout, coupled with a high-strength, wide section double-layer frame, can not only reduce the center of gravity, ensure safety, but also give full play to the high mobility of the vehicle

02 golden power is more powerful

Shaanxi Automobile golden power matching, equipped with Weichai wp7/wp10 engine, FASI extra large center distance, fine high tooth design gearbox, hande drive axle, accurately match the transmission efficiency, so as to realize the golden power combination of high horsepower and low fuel consumption

CIMC Lingyu and Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. held a mixer vehicle product appreciation meeting. The real vehicle on site allowed customers to appreciate it. Customers were very satisfied with Lingyu's top coat and agreed with the vehicle's workmanship and volume. Coupled with the golden power chain of Shaanxi Automobile chassis, the vehicle configuration has been greatly recognized. Some customers began to consult about car ordering at the event site. They intended to order more than 200 sets, and the dealers placed orders for 40 sets on site, which can be said to be a great harvest. The activity ended successfully in the group photo, and Lingyu will also start a new journey, and strive to provide better products and better services, so as to create greater profits for customers

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