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Peircei invites you to visit the 6th China International Industrial automation and Instrumentation Exhibition

the 6th China International Industrial automation and Instrumentation Exhibition (ciai2010) will officially open in Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center on August, 2010. As one of the three major automation exhibitions in China, this Tianjin Binhai national automation exhibition has attracted a large number of world top 500 enterprises and many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. This exhibition has built a platform for Chinese and foreign automation equipment enterprises to effectively explore the regional market and laid a good regional foundation. Pirci will also redouble its efforts to show users its strong technical strength and the latest products

in this exhibition, pirci will build a brand to improve product quality and display several new products, such as PSS 4000, pnozmult mini and pnozsigma

The accuracy of pss400 experimental force must be regularly verified by the measurement unit recognized by the national authority to ensure 0. It is a safety automation system launched by pierremagnet to simplify the discrete control function, otherwise it will affect the working performance of the horizontal tension machine and reduce the engineering workload. With the professionalism of safety experts, pierce integrates safety control, standard control, motion control, diagnosis and visualization functions, providing users with higher compatibility and more powerful solutions. Its software platform pas4000 (Pilz automation suite) is even more epoch-making, which enables users to maintain a centralized perspective on the discrete and distributed control structure. Its wide range of applications is favored by more and more customers

another new product, the compact modular safety relay pnozmult mini, is a multifunctional and freely configurable safety control product. It is characterized by compact structure and small volume. All required functions can be directly produced on PC through simple configuration software. It can be used in many fields such as mechanical engineering. Pnozmult Mini can not only safely monitor emergency stop, safety door, light curtain/grating, hands and many safety functions, but also operate economically with standard control functions

the new generation of compact safety relay pnozsigma is also one of the star products of pier magnetic, and it is the perfect embodiment of the combination of pier magnetic's rich service experience and the latest safety technology. In terms of shape, the reduction of its shell width greatly saves the space of the electric cabinet; In terms of function, it compresses multiple functions into each unit to maximize its performance

2010 Ciai is about to be held, and pirci is fully dressed for departure. It is believed that every product presented by pirci, which contains the most advanced safety automation technology, can bring a new shock to every audience who comes to pirci booth. Wonderful not to be missed, pierremagnetic sincerely looks forward to your presence

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