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PKU founder will show the latest hardware equipment in druba

at the upcoming druba international printing exhibition, PKU founder, who once participated in the druba exhibition as the only software exhibitor in China, will bring the latest hardware equipment for the first time. In the past year, Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (Founder Electronics) under founder of Peking University has achieved a historic leap from a printing product supplier to a software and hardware overall solution supplier, which is also a major breakthrough for Chinese printing technology providers in the printing market. In druba 2008, PKU founder will show the world for the first time the inkjet digital printer (eaglejet) and Eagle dragon computer direct plate making machine (eaglectp), which are independently developed and represent the latest trend of the industry, as an overall solution supplier of the global printing industry

it has been four years since the exhibition in drupa. During this period, founder electronics is no longer satisfied with its status as a leading supplier of printing products in the world. On the basis of continuing to improve its existing software and hardware products, it is committed to the research and development of new products. In addition, it leads the new trend of industry development, and has become one of the few suppliers of overall software and hardware solutions in the global printing industry, and has successfully achieved this transformation. In 2008, in addition to continuing to launch updated versions of software products, founder electronics will focus on demonstrating three innovative technologies: Eagle CTP, Eagle Jet and founderfit

founder Eagle jet is a high-performance inkjet printer for the label field independently developed by founder electronics. It adopts the latest piezoelectric inkjet technology in the industry, with a resolution of 360dpi, supplemented by 8 levels of gray, its visual resolution can reach 900dpi, a printing width of 210mm, and a speed of 25 meters/minute. UV curing ink is used, which can adapt to paper, pet, PP, PVC and other label media

eaglejet adopts advanced shaftless transmission technology, and is also equipped with corona, electrostatic removal and other media processing components, with strong media adaptability. At the same time, it is equipped with a digital front-end system developed based on founder's leading rip and process software. Its color management and dot technology is in the leading position in the industry that will increase the friction between moving parts. On this basis, eaglejet also integrates founder variable data typesetting system, which is a digital printer with complete functions. This label digital printer is cost-effective and can fully meet the needs of short version, small batch and personalized label production

the newly launched founder Diaolong dl8500 CTP adopts many advanced technologies, such as photopolymer violet laser imaging technology, high-precision inner drum structure design, and a unique laser energy automatic calibration system, which has excellent performance in quality, efficiency, and cost. At the same time, the seamless connection with the workflow of founder Changliu Chinese printing art will greatly improve the work efficiency and quality of users, save unnecessary costs, and create more added value for users

in addition to founder Diaolong and founder eaglejet appearing in drupa, founder electronics, after years of efforts, is about to launch founder Feiteng English version, with a view to entering the global market as the leader of Chinese typesetting software, which is also a major measure of founder in the field of typesetting

the booth B24 of Beida Fangzheng in hall 5 of this drupa exhibition will be divided into innovative technology exhibition area and software product demo demonstration area (user experience area). During the exhibition, there will be a video demo of the software demo that will be played circularly at any time in the demo demonstration area. The software products displayed will also include elecrocv4.5, eagleripv4.1, eagleprofv4.0, eagledotv4.0, superlinev4.6, docudepend and Easiprint of the latest version of fly ash as solid waste after coal combustion. Exhibitors can personally experience the operation demonstration of the software. At the same time, The digital printing machine, which depends on further technological innovation, will also be started up and demonstrated within the specified time every day, and the technicians will also make a detailed introduction to the audience on the spot

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