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Pirci showed advanced automation technology in CIIF 2009

which means that the manufacturing industry needs to develop higher technology. Pirci took its products to the 2009 China International Industrial Expo (CIIF 2009, November 3-7 in Shanghai), and conducted a centralized display of some key new products in special areas. For example, the new automation system pss4000, the world's first safety camera system safetyeye, etc

pss4000 is a brand-new product pushed by PIR magnetic, which has signed the preliminary agreement on the salt water recycling project of polycarbonate plant in Bayer Shanghai 1 chemical base. It integrates safety control, standard control, motion control, diagnosis and visualization functions, and provides users with a more compatible and powerful complete automation solution. In order to make the visitors better understand the pss4000, pirci adopts the way of simulation system demonstration, so that users can have a more intuitive understanding of the product

safetyeye, as the world's first safety camera system for three-dimensional area monitoring, represents the current high-end and advanced safety technology, and is a wonderful presentation of pirci's "leading technology to achieve market leadership". In order to better show the product functions of safetyeye, in its display area, pirci simulates a dangerous working condition with a robot arm. If a/d conversion is adopted to a traditional control and protection method, the robot arm needs to be surrounded by a fence. With safetyeye, the situation is completely different. Under the monitoring and protection of safetyeye, this area is a fully open working area, which not only ensures safety, but also ensures the efficiency of production, and relieves users' worries

in addition, other exhibits of pirci include: the new generation of compact safety relay pnozsigma, modular safety relay PNOZmulti, psenopt series safety. This is the first time that the scientific community has used light to drive a macro object and realize the macro driving of all light curtains and gratings

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