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Pirelli has signed an exclusive tire dealer in India. Pirelli, a tire manufacturer, recently announced that it has signed a distribution cooperation agreement with ceat, the second largest two wheeled vehicle tire manufacturer in India

many years ago, Pirelli was the owner of the tires that siad should pay attention not to enter the groove, but the company was acquired by another enterprise RPG in 1982. However, until five years ago, Pirelli still had the right to use the company's trademark

relevant information shows that SIAT tire spent a total of 5.5 million pounds (about 52.6 million yuan) to repurchase these trademark rights

before this acquisition, beinaike and office software interface tire entrusted the sales right in the Indian market to Celite and ralson. However, local media believe that Pirelli is seeking a partner with a strong distribution network

uberto Thun, senior vice president of Pirelli tire, said that SIAT would become the exclusive dealer of Pirelli motorcycle tires in India

India is the largest market for motorcycle tires in the world, and the growth of high-end motorcycles is strong. Local media reported that the market capacity of two wheeled vehicle tires in India is about 500million pounds, of which SIAT owns 26%. 2. Because the jaw often uses the market share

at present, MRF is the market leader, accounting for 35% of the market share

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