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Pirates haunt, please be careful—— The second stage of Volvo round the wld yacht race sets sail

pirates are around, please be careful—— The second stage of the Volvo round the wld yacht race set sail

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Guide: (Cape Town, South Africa, December 11) tears, hugs, kisses, waves, greetings, as with every farewell, before the second stage of the Volvo round the wld yacht race set sail, a scene that seemed to have known each other was staged again. At 3 p.m. local time, the starting gun rang out. Against the backdrop of Table Mountain in the distance, six world tops

(Cape Town, South Africa, December 11) tears, hugs, kisses, waves, greetings, as with every farewell, the market competitiveness of Wo further improved. Before the second stage of the Erwo round the wld yacht race set sail, the scene of deja vu was staged again. At 3 p.m. local time, the starting gun rang out. Against the backdrop of Table Mountain in the distance, six world-class fleets set sail again. 5430 nautical miles away, it is the next destination for the sailors - Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates

"I can't wait anymore." Teng Jianghe, the winch driver of Sanya, said before the race, "there are always endless chores on the shore, and once the ship gets to the sea, all you think about every day is the race besides the race"

puma team opened the second stage

six fleets began the second stage race

the first Chinese racing crew in the 38 year history of Volvo round the world yacht race encountered a maritime accident with his teammates on the first day after the start of the race: "Sanya" collided with floating objects on the sea, and the bow was seriously damaged, so he had to withdraw from the competition for the first stage. After a month of separation of the main body and the dynamometer, the Sanya was finally able to return to the embrace of the sea in Cape Town. Tengjianghe, who had not yet had time to fully enjoy the sea race, was obviously holding back, He believes that the "Sanya" after returning to the competition will be a stronger team:

Sanya left the port of Cape Town

"our fleet was formed less than half a year, and all preparations were in a hurry. Although we withdrew from the first stage, the fleet also received a month of preparation time to transform the ship and build the team. I believe that we can certainly perform better in the second stage."

Gu Jingqi, vice mayor of Sanya, made a special trip to Cape Town to see off the fleet. He told the crew, "We have been paying close attention to the experience and efforts of Sanya in the first stage, and we admire the fleet for repairing the damaged ships and returning to the race in a short time. You are all ambassadors of Sanya. Thank you for helping Sanya to let more people know and understand. Please pay attention to your health and safety at sea."

captain Iker Martinez of Spain Telecom bid farewell to the audience on shore

indeed, the second stage is not smooth. In addition to the test of the Indian ocean storm circle and the equatorial calm zone, the rampant piracy in the Indian Ocean in recent years has also brought great hidden dangers to the game. For safety reasons, the headquarters of Volvo round the world yacht race has made a decision to redraw the second and third stages of the global route, namely, Cape Town to Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi to Sanya

Teng Jianghe, a Chinese sailor, saluted the audience on shore before setting sail.

according to the latest plan and route, the headquarters will turn off satellite tracking information to the public after each ship reaches a point on the Indian Ocean. After that, the fleet will continue to drive to a confidential "safe port". Upon arrival, the vessel will be loaded on a heavily armed cargo ship. The cargo ship will transport the sailboat to the port of Sharjah in the northeast of the United Arab Emirates for unloading. After that, the race will continue, and the fleet will sprint to the finish line Abu Dhabi

after a series of competitions and activities in Abu Dhabi, the fleet will sail again to Sharjah and then be transported back to the "safe port". After that, the fleets will continue to march towards Sanya. The crew will not sail together on cargo ships

as for the redefinition of the race route, Knut frostad, CEO of Volvo round the world yacht race, said: "the piracy problem is a great threat to our race, so all the measures we take are to ensure the absolute safety of the fleet, while retaining the essence of the sailing race as a round the world race"

piracy is a well-organized and highly profitable criminal industry, which has expanded from the coast of Somalia in Africa to a large area of the Indian Ocean. According to the data of the authoritative maritime intelligence agency, 1181 seafarers were hijacked by pirates in 2010 alone; The average hijacking time of the recently released ships is 213 days; Last year, pirates earned a ransom of 150 million dollars

Knut said, "Abu Dhabi is a very important stop for this event, and it is also the first time in the history of the event that there is a port of call in the Middle East. The new solution will still give our fleet the opportunity to arrive in Abu Dhabi and participate in local port races."

the fleet is expected to arrive in Abu Dhabi around the new year of 2012. From December 30 to January 14 of the following year, Abu Dhabi will undertake the task of port of call. The Abu Dhabi sailing village specially built for this event will make a new appearance. The famous rock band "Coldplay" will also hold a new year concert during the opening of the village. It is expected that the number of visitors will exceed 100000

about Volvo round the wld yacht race

Volvo round the wld yacht race is the longest running sports race in the wld, bringing together the wld's top sailing athletes

the event lasted nine months at sea, spanning four oceans and visiting five continents. The new season competition set sail from Alicante, Spain, on November 5, 2011, and reached its final destination in July 2012. Securities companies with the role of capital market weathervanes will sit on the mountain and watch Hulan Galway. During this period, they will also visit Cape Town (South Africa), Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Sanya (China), Auckland (New Zealand), itaga (Brazil), Miami (United States), Lisbon (Portugal), Lorient (France) and other ports of call

the total length of the race route is 39270 nautical miles, which is the longest distance among all professional sailing competitions. Participants will embark on a dangerous journey under various extreme weather conditions at sea

Volvo open70 sailing boat is the fastest single hull sailing boat in the world. Volvo round the world yacht race is a high-tech competition, but also upholds the demands and concepts of environmental protection

for the first time, the Chinese Fleet Sanya will participate in the Volvo round the wld yacht race. Tengjianghe, a crew member of Sanya from Guangzhou, China, is the first Chinese crew member in the 38 year history of the race

Volvo Ocean Race is jointly owned by Volvo Group and Volvo Car Corporation

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