The hottest Pirelli tire uses silver rubber chrysa

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Pirelli tires use silver rubber chrysanthemum as rubber material

recently, Pirelli used natural rubber from the plant silver rubber chrysanthemum for the first time to produce ultra-high performance tires, and successfully ran with Maserati Ghibli at the test track of vizora and baloco. This non food crop is very typical in arid climate, and can be cultivated without pesticides and less water, so it can become a substitute for rubber trees

this innovative concept tyre took a record two years, from the initial raw material research to the physical track test run. In 2013, Pirelli signed an agreement with versalis, a chemical enterprise under Eni group, an Italian petrochemical giant, to supply yinjiaoju natural rubber exclusively for tire production. In a very short period of time, Pirelli's R & D personnel studied in-depth the various characteristics of the new raw materials in order to make the experimental data accurate, in order to better interpret them in tire production

this plan also thanks to the new indicators of environmental protection and energy conservation that versalis has developed in the early stage, which has raised the threshold of the paper industry. The technical research project on the extraction of rubber and specific natural resin from silver rubber chrysanthemum has enabled Pirelli to use this new material, which can not only meet the performance requirements of tires, but also be compatible with the inelastic part of tire structure

versalis's research project is part of the development of a technology platform for the wide application of silver rubber chrysanthemum materials in the whole tire industry, covering all kinds of technology research and development from experimental planting in southern Europe to extracting rubber for tire production

on the Italian track, the tire simulated the application under various extreme conditions including wetlands, and showed the same performance as the same tire made of petroleum refined polymer. This time, it is no accident to choose Maserati for the new tire test, but because the high-performance vehicle can release the tire and open the fuel delivery valve to discharge the higher load demand

the industry has always disagreed with this view that replacing petrochemical products with suitable renewable raw materials is a key goal of Pirelli's R & D department. The sector has been a leader in sustainable transport solutions for many years. In addition to developing these new biopolymers as raw materials for tire formulations, Pirelli has begun to use some renewable raw materials, such as silicon dioxide extracted from chaff (this is the inedible part of rice, which is usually burned). This not only ensures the continuous improvement of product performance, but also always meets higher standards in the sustainability of products and production processes

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