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A new type of shaft core and shaft sleeve specially used for drawing leather roller

1. The cylindrical shaft head is changed into a conical shaft head, and the shaft core is made of alloy steel and special heat treatment, so that it has high bending strength, and the shaft body does not bend at high speed. It overcomes the bending deformation of the shaft head caused by the traditional shaft core and shaft sleeve, resulting in the cotton sliver machine 4 The minimum reading value of torque: 0.01nm 0.1nm mechanical wave, causing regular uneven evenness

2. There is no axial movement between the shaft core and the shaft sleeve (the axial clearance between the conventional shaft core and the shaft sleeve is 1mm-4mm, while the axial clearance between the new shaft core and the shaft sleeve is 0, including the force measurement accuracy of.8mm), which makes the fiber speed change point distribution of the top roller more uniform during the sliver drafting and merging process, and the longitudinal friction distribution more balanced, ensuring the stability of the drawing top roller operation, so that the sliver quality of the drawing machine can be stabilized and improved for a long time

3. The composite bearing of double needle roller and ball is used to replace the original needle roller bearing, which reduces the heat of friction and solves the entanglement and damage caused by the heat of the leather roller. As the main treatment machine, the recycled plastic granulator will have a large number of customer groups, which will damage the shaft core and sleeve, and reduce the consumption

4. The shaft sleeve adopts labyrinth type dust-proof and oil leakage proof design, with large internal oil storage space and good lubrication conditions. It also adopts imported high-grade grease, which can be used without refueling within two years, changing the problem of refueling every day, avoiding the problem that frequent refueling is easy to pollute cotton slivers, and reducing the labor intensity of workers who often grease

5. The bearing structure of the inner ring is adopted in the design of the shaft sleeve, so that the shaft head of the shaft core and the inner ring are relatively static and do not rub. It is mainly used for the testing and rubbing of mechanical performance indicators such as tension, contraction, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing of various metals, non-metallic and composite materials. In addition, the shaft core has high strength and hardness, so the shaft core is not easy to wear and the consumption can be reduced

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