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New high-performance anti-corrosion coating is launched in Changchun

new high-performance anti-corrosion coating is launched in Changchun

January 8, 2002

hy high-performance solvent-free anti-corrosion coating successfully developed by Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Daqing Qingfeng comprehensive industrial company has officially passed the expert appraisal in Changchun

The expert committee agreed that this latest research achievement has filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level

The corrosion prevention of steel has always been a hot topic in the scientific community. Until now, although there have been some measures to control corrosion, about 30% of the total amount of steel in the world is still useless scrap iron every year. According to statistics, corrosion increased by 10.67% around the world at the time of device swing, and the loss caused by

is greater than the total loss caused by natural disasters such as volcanoes and earthquakes. At present, most of the anti-corrosion coatings developed and produced at home and abroad are solvent-based coatings. Because the solvent is volatile, this kind of anti-corrosion coating seriously destroys the living environment

in order to develop high-performance and solvent-free environmental friendly green anti-corrosion materials, Changchun Yinghua Institute, with the support of Changchun Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, cooperated with Daqing Qingfeng comprehensive industrial company to start hy high performance in 1999. The results showed that 100 patients with soft artificial eyes were basically satisfied, of which 10 patients in the hard artificial eye control group felt more comfortable after wearing soft artificial eyes, The development of solvent-free anti-corrosion coating without sagging feeling and adverse reactions. On the basis of a lot of research on the technical problems such as the composition, structure and performance of anti-corrosion coatings, scientific and technological personnel carried out pilot production research step by step, and successively solved the key technical problems such as the selection of pigments and fillers. Production experiments were carried out on a scale of 200 tons per year, and a scientific synthesis method was finally formed. Among them, the epoxy resin modification, toughening and curing system proposed by

is the first in China. According to the introduction, this new coating has not only negative stripping resistance, but also extraordinary nuclear radiation resistance. It is an ideal anti-corrosion coating for marine engineering, shipbuilding industry, nuclear industry, ground metal structure, water, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, etc

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