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From Munich exhibition, we can see the new trend of photovoltaic development

from June 10 to 12, intersolar Europe 2015, the largest solar technology and product trade exhibition in Europe, was held in Munich, Germany. The exhibition has been held for more than ten years. It is known as the solar energy exhibition with the best exhibition effect, the most professional audience and the most complete industrial chain in the global photovoltaic industry. It is the preferred Exhibition for professional exhibitors and visitors around the world

in 2014, the amount of solar energy installed in Germany decreased by 42.4% compared with 2013, only 1.9 GW. As the most important photovoltaic application market in Europe, the decline of market increment in Europe has affected the scale of Photovoltaic Exhibition. However, the scale has shrunk and the popularity has not decreased. This year's exhibition still brings many surprises to participants

improve professionalism

during the three-day exhibition, caorenxian, general manager of sunshine Power Co., Ltd., spent most of his time in the booth, overwhelmed by interested and old customers. This is his ninth consecutive year to participate in the Munich Photovoltaic Exhibition. "The exhibition is very professional, with a high degree of concentration, and our efficiency in talking to customers is also very high."

Wang Yiming, general manager of jinlang technology, also felt the same way. "The scale of this year's exhibition is much smaller than before. There were more than a dozen pavilions at the peak of the excitement, and only six pavilions this year. But the exhibition audience was very professional and the quality was very high. We invited many customers and interested customers to the booth, and we didn't stop from morning to night."

in fact, it is also an indisputable fact that there are fewer exhibitors, which can be seen from the scale of the exhibition industry in which Chinese enterprises make the dimensional stability of printed parts better. In hall A1, Yingli, Atlas, Trinasolar, Jingke and other mainstream Chinese backplane enterprises made a re appearance. Although some small enterprises formed a Chinese exhibition group to make a collective appearance, compared with the previous "overwhelming" of Chinese enterprises, a large number of photovoltaic industry have disappeared after the adjustment

Li Weichun, general manager of Greater China photovoltaic of Rheinland technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was also the most impressed after visiting the exhibition. Accuracy is the biggest feature of the exhibition. In addition to showing the latest technological achievements, it is more important to face customers. "It has gone far beyond the stage of initial contact and familiarity and exchange, and it is more about intention and agreement signing."

the trend of large-scale is obvious

inverter is the most important part of the whole photovoltaic system, which is not only closely related to power generation and return on investment, but also affects the back-end operation and maintenance management. Therefore, in hall B2 of the exhibition, the world's mainstream inverter enterprises gathered, and the exhibition hall was very popular

German SMA is undoubtedly the most concerned enterprise. Professional visitors who come to see the inverter should go to its platform to have a look. SMA exhibited 1.5KW to avoid product appearance problems; (2) Material selection: senior material engineers can develop colors and materials according to customer requirements; (3) Mold design: professional mold engineers provide gate structure, location and waterway layout design to ensure product appearance; (4) Process design: professional model test engineers provide professional model adjustment services, household photovoltaic inverter, household energy storage inverter, 60kW series model suitable for large-scale commercial and small-scale power stations, and introduce 1500v2.5mw single centralized inverter for the first time. Besides turning off the power supply, relevant products of energy management are displayed

according to the latest "2015 photovoltaic inverter China market report" released by IHS, sungrow power ranked first in China's photovoltaic inverter market sales and shipments in 2014. At the end of 2014, the cumulative application of sunshine power inverter in the world exceeded 12gw

Zhao Wei, vice president of sungrow power, said that as one of the world's largest photovoltaic inverter suppliers, sungrow power has always been committed to providing users with world-class photovoltaic system access solutions, and advocated the concept of "adapting measures to local conditions and scientific design" for equipment selection. This time, with the theme of "99% of the whole line" as the exhibition theme, sunshine power again grandly released the newly developed series inverter sg80ktl to the world at the exhibition site after launching five industry-leading new products at SNEC Shanghai. This is the series inverter with the largest power in the world at present, with an output power of 80kW and a conversion efficiency of 99%. The product fully integrates and absorbs the leading technical essence of sunshine power supply in the inverter industry, which is another innovation and breakthrough of sunshine power supply in 99% series inverters. Using the latest technology, this product can achieve a DC over allocation scheme of up to 30%, minimize the number of series inverters, reduce the demand for AC and DC cables, and greatly improve the return on investment of the power station

the intersolar exhibition in Munich is different from some powerful domestic exhibitions. After more than ten years of precipitation and development, the style of rational consumption and no need for excessive marketing in the international photovoltaic market is also reflected in this exhibition. The photovoltaic inverter optimizer, an innovative product launched by solaredge, an Israeli company, can avoid the obstruction of light and shadow and improve the efficiency of each inverter. Domestic professional exhibitors said that this innovative direction is worth learning from the entire photovoltaic industry

Wang Bo, technical director of TBEA product line, told the meeting that the products and technologies of Chinese inverter enterprises are almost the same as those of international leading enterprises, but from the perspective of brand, service and integrity, Chinese enterprises still have a lot of room to catch up

Zhao Wei of sungrow power also said that on the one hand, sungrow power learned the strategies of international advanced enterprises such as SMA and abb, and they matched different inverters according to different applications, which is the performance of being responsible to customers and the industry. Sungrow power continues to adhere to the principle of "adjusting measures to local conditions and scientific design", providing products of various styles and performances, which are compatible with various photovoltaic power stations and do not rely on one product to win the world; On the other hand, he is more concerned about the concerns of customers. "At this exhibition, we are more concerned about reducing the kWh cost and initial investment cost of power stations. The resulting change is that centralized and series equipment want to be large-scale development and have greater power to reduce the kWh cost and initial investment.

energy storage, energy storage!

what is the hottest thing at this year's Munich exhibition? The answer is undoubtedly energy storage. Hall B1, as a special energy storage hall, is also the most popular hall. Inverter Enterprises have also extended their energy storage solutions

since 2014, the international battery energy storage Exhibition (EES) will be held at the same time and in the same venue with intersolar Europe every year. The scope of exhibits covers all the industrial chains of battery innovation and energy storage technology. The participation of energy storage exhibition not only enriched the success of the industrial chain structure of intersolar Exhibition "slurry polyethylene catalyst amplification preparation and industrial utilization experiment", but also positively reflected the most active development direction of today's solar market, especially the German market

it is predicted that the global PV installed capacity will be close to 60GW in 2015, including about 1.5gw in Germany, less than one fifth of that five years ago. The reasons for the decline in the target are well known. The renewable energy subsidies in Germany have declined, and photovoltaic projects with more than 10GW will no longer enjoy subsidies. When the upper electricity price is not equal to the sales electricity price, the distributed generation of residents naturally tends to be stored, and the market door of energy storage is about to be pushed open

the focus of this exhibition is on sg2500-mv, the most powerful one-stop system solution in China, and sh5kpvess, a household photovoltaic energy storage machine. The rated power of sg2500-mv is up to 2520kw, with 4-way MPPT, and the patented heat dissipation design ensures that the maximum working temperature reaches 60 ℃; It is the preferred solution for large-scale ground power stations, which can significantly reduce the cost of box transformers, high-voltage cables, communication systems and other components in the system. Sh5kpvess has a rated power of 5kW, integrates EMS intelligent management function and local and remote communication function, and can be connected with a variety of batteries; The inverter and battery are designed separately, which is easy to install and maintain. It is one of the most cutting-edge overall solutions for integrated photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and energy management in the field of household energy management

however, insiders also said that the bustle of the exhibition hall does not mean that the market is bustling. Due to the large number of household PV in Germany, household energy storage will also become the mainstream. At present, it is just the tip of the iceberg, and market development still needs time. For the Chinese market, distributed photovoltaic has just started in China, so household energy storage will not develop rapidly in a short time, but the large-scale energy storage corresponding to photovoltaic power stations is expected to start first and open up application space

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