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China's new trillion market: new plan for nuclear power

at present, greenhouse gas emissions from power stations have attracted more and more attention. Compared with traditional energy such as coal, nuclear power can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions; The cost of power generation is relatively low; High annual utilization hours of nuclear power; And the energy conversion efficiency of nuclear power is higher than that of traditional energy and other new energy

before 2005, due to the low price of coal and the low cost of thermal power, the economic advantage of developing nuclear power was not prominent, and the construction of nuclear power was slow. After 2005, domestic coal prices rose, thermal power costs rose, and the economic advantages of nuclear power gradually emerged. The state restarted nuclear power construction, and then raised the nuclear power development plan twice in a row. From the tenth five-year plan, the moderate development of nuclear power was proposed, and the eleventh five-year plan was revised to actively develop nuclear power. By 2007, the total installed capacity of nuclear power in 2020 was proposed to reach 40million kW. Frost Sullivan believes that the state has frequently raised nuclear power planning and has a clear intention to vigorously develop nuclear power. It can be considered that the nuclear power industry will usher in a round of rapid development in the next 10 years

the medium and long term development plan for nuclear power in 2007 set a target of 40million kW of total nuclear power installed capacity by 2020. At present, the total installed capacity of nuclear power units that have been put into operation is 9.1 million KW, and the total capacity of nuclear power units under construction is 25million kW, a total of 35million kW. It can be seen that it is very likely to raise the nuclear power plan again in the near future, and it is optimistic that the total installed capacity target of nuclear power in 2020 is likely to be raised to 80million kW, This will bring huge investment opportunities to the nuclear power industry. In the next 10 years, the total investment in the nuclear power market will reach 980 billion yuan, with an average annual investment of nearly 100billion yuan

according to the plan of 80million kW installed capacity in 2020, China needs to build 45million kW nuclear power units before. At present, the construction period of the second-generation retrofitted units is about months, and the construction period of the third-generation model (AP1000) is about 40 months. In order to achieve the goal of 80million kW total installed capacity of nuclear power by 2020, all 45million kW new installed capacity must be started before 2016, that is, in the next year, nearly 7 nuclear power units will be started every year, and 7million kW will be newly built every year

according to the calculation of projects under construction, it is expected to usher in the peak of nuclear power investment in the next three years. Frost Sullivan predicts that the nuclear power investment from 2010 to 2012 will be 68.7 billion yuan, 125.2 billion yuan and 164.4 billion yuan respectively, and the total investment will reach 360 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth of 70%

according to the composition of nuclear power plant construction costs, nuclear power equipment accounts for 50% of the total investment in nuclear power plants. Frost Sullivan predicts that the total market capacity of nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry will reach 510billion yuan in, and the upward revision of nuclear power planning will bring 330billion yuan of market increment to the nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry in, with an average annual increase of more than 30billion yuan

10million kW will be built every year. 60% of nuclear power equipment will be installed in the second year of nuclear power plant construction, and 40% of nuclear power equipment will be installed in the third year. The new 40million kW will be shared equally in the next seven years, with 7million kW per year

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