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New trend of upgrading and reform of domestic furniture hardware industry

the development level of furniture hardware accessories in China needs to be further improved. At present, ordinary furniture hardware accessories can completely replace imported hardware accessories, but functional accessories with high technical content need to be developed

industry insiders believe that there will be a new transformation and upgrading in the furniture and hardware industry in the future

cooperate to develop new products

with the development of society, domestic and foreign customers have put forward higher requirements for furniture products, and the styles and requirements put forward by customers are likely to have no matching furniture hardware

in order to meet the requirements of customers, we need the joint cooperation of furniture hardware companies to participate in the development of new furniture products. Furniture manufacturers and furniture hardware manufacturers work together to make full use of the design, technology and equipment advantages of both sides to form a new business form. Furniture hardware and new furniture are designed, manufactured and debugged simultaneously, so that social resources can be optimally allocated

modern information technology also provides a platform for information exchange and technical coordination for the cooperative development of new furniture hardware products, and modern digital technology also provides technical support for rapid and accurate manufacturing

cooperative development not only meets the special needs of furniture companies, but also increases product varieties and improves product quality for furniture hardware companies, making furniture companies and furniture hardware companies win-win

in the current social context, the cooperation between furniture manufacturers and furniture manufacturers is particularly important. Through cooperative development, the mutual cooperation of design and development personnel of both sides can become a consortium in the reporting link, complement each other, and be able to face the market with stronger advantages

integration of appearance and function

furniture hardware is divided into decorative hardware and functional hardware

many furniture hardware manufacturers invisibly separate the two. Decorative hardware does not pay attention to functional development, and functional hardware has insufficient research on its decorative development, resulting in disconnection between the two

take the door accessories as an example. Over the years, their functions and structures have been continuously improved, but they do not pay attention to the unity of their decoration. Although many products are easy to use, they always look unpleasant

in recent years, with the improvement of innovative design level, many designers are paying attention to furniture hardware, examining furniture hardware with the concept of industrial design, and making the appearance and function of furniture hardware better integrate is the development trend of furniture hardware

humanized design

the improvement of the quality of life and the quality of every detail in life will also draw attention to the fact that breakthrough technological innovation is a very long and variable process

furniture hardware can best reflect the quality of life details. The opening and closing of cabinet doors, the opening and closing of drawers... All excellent furniture hardware can embody the humanized principle of people-oriented in these daily actions

humanized concepts such as safety, labor saving, good experimental environment, silence and comfort will be further integrated into the development and design of furniture hardware. This is also the inevitable requirement of social development

Application of high and new technology

for many years, furniture hardware has only been regarded as a supporting role in the furniture industry, and has developed a series of new materials such as high-performance carbon fiber, high-end industrial ceramics, lithium battery diaphragm, etc., resulting in a large gap between the functionality of our furniture hardware and foreign products

how to improve versatility and interchangeability, advocate people-oriented, pay attention to safety, convenience, environmental protection, quickness, and make products perfect, and so on. These problems also need our continuous efforts to develop and forge ahead

by analyzing foreign products, we can find that new technologies, new processes and new materials are integrated into foreign furniture hardware

to improve the level of furniture hardware in China, we must accelerate the application of high and new technology in this industry. With the rapid development of furniture industry and huge market demand, furniture hardware using high-tech will continue to come out. Now, domestic colleges and universities have listed furniture hardware as a research topic, focusing on the development of function and appearance

we hope and believe that in the near future, China's furniture hardware manufacturers can provide furniture manufacturers with hardware accessories with lower price, better effect and more convenient installation, which can improve efficiency and reduce costs for furniture manufacturers

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