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The new trend of tobacco packaging -- laser rainbow card has sprung up

since the reform and opening up, the packaging of Chinese tobacco has achieved rapid development. Especially in recent years, the upgrading of packaging has made people dizzying, which has greatly changed the backward appearance of "first-class products, second-class design and third-class packaging" in China. In terms of paper cigarette box packaging, from soft bags to ordinary white card hard bags, to glass cards, to the popular aluminum foil gold and silver card paper in recent years, and then to the use of PET composite card paper, the introduction of high-end sanding technology, tobacco packaging has been in the forefront of the national packaging industry, forming a new fashion of "looking at cigarette bags in paper packaging". After entering the new century, the tobacco industry in the central and western regions took the lead in launching laser rainbow cardboard hard wrapped cigarette packs in China, which gave people a refreshing feeling and led other cigarette factories to adopt laser rainbow cardboard. At present, the representative brands that have been introduced to the market include Zhengzhou "Sanhua", Yunnan "gold Yunyan", the new red "Honghe", blue "Honghe", Chongqing "Hongsheng", "Longfeng Chengxiang", Jiangsu "yipinmei", and many other brands. It is said that general group, Anhui tobacco and other cigarette factories also intend to adopt, and there are more brands in the proofing stage. Therefore, relevant authorities believe that China's tobacco packaging has reached a new level in material selection, from the partial use of laser materials for decoration (such as laser bronzing) to the overall combination of laser materials and printing

then, what kind of packaging material is laser rainbow card? At present, there are mainly two kinds of laser rainbow paperboard used in China: BOPP laser rainbow paperboard and pet laser rainbow paperboard. More Chinese people are encouraged to visit Maldives. The product structure is "laser film + glue + paper". The production process includes four processes: holographic imprinting, vacuum aluminizing, composite coating and cutting. The previous process has not been officially put into production in China because of its high technical content, difficult process and lack of edition source, Therefore, at present, the laser rainbow aluminum coating basically comes from Taiwan, Europe and the United States; In the last two steps, check whether the oil returned to the oil tank is intermittent. The production process is basically the same as that of ordinary gold and silver cardboard, but the cutting of laser rainbow paper must follow the special plate sewing of the laser version, otherwise it will damage the beauty of the paper

both BOPP and pet laser rainbow cardboard have the following common points: 1. The laser image is basically the same: (1) under dark conditions, this paper is similar to the ordinary paper coated with aluminum film, without any obvious pattern, but under the condition of light reflection, the paper surface appears like the rainbow in the sky after the rain, so it is called rainbow film and rainbow cardboard. Good laser rainbow paper has clear, bright and colorful images. Even if a large area is printed with dark black, dark red and other background colors, it can not cover the rainbow effect, so it is popular in the packaging industry. At present, the universal visual inspection standard in the world is: close to the paper after ignition with a lighter, and observe the bright spots reflected from the paper. Generally, there are nine bright spots arranged in a square. The larger the bright spots are, the brighter the laser processing quality is. (2) The laser version used for making laser rainbow paperboard is a wide version, and there is no version seam in the range of 787*546 or even larger. At present, only a few companies in Europe and the United States can make it in the world. Due to the protection of intellectual property rights, it is difficult for mainland manufacturers to obtain this version. 2. Due to the progress of science and technology, the product has the same structure and appearance. Generally, the non aluminized surface of laser rainbow film is compounded with paper, and the aluminized surface is used as the printing surface after printing adaptability treatment

however, due to the differences in the characteristics of BOPP and PET films, there are also different characteristics, resulting in the following differences in the composite rainbow paperboard: 1. BOPP laser rainbow paperboard is inferior to pet laser rainbow paperboard in terms of temperature resistance, tensile elongation, paper stiffness and other indicators. In particular, cigarette package printing generally requires polishing. If heating is required and the heating distance is long, BOPP laser rainbow paperboard is easy to shrink into an arc, Pet laser rainbow paperboard generally does not appear this phenomenon. 2. Since printers generally choose to print on the aluminized surface, the adhesion between the aluminized layer and the film directly affects the printing quality. In comparison, due to the poor polarity of BOPP film, even after corona treatment, its dyne value is lower than that of PET film after the same corona treatment. Therefore, the adhesion between the aluminized layer and the film of BOPP laser aluminized film is lower than that of pet aluminized film. Therefore, The printability of BOPP laser paperboard is not as good as that of pet laser rainbow paperboard. In other words, BOPP laser paperboard is difficult to print and is prone to the problem of poor ink adhesion, especially after die cutting. At present, BOPP laser rainbow paperboard is not suitable for sanding process. 3. The thickness of PET film is generally 1.2 silk and can ensure the stiffness, while the BOPP film itself is soft. Generally, it can barely ensure the stiffness with a film of about 2.3 silk thickness, which directly leads to the thickness of BOPP laser rainbow paperboard is larger, and the stiffness is not as good as the thinner pet rainbow paperboard, which is detrimental to the high-speed tobacco packaging machine

at present, both pet and BOPP laser rainbow cards have been used in tobacco packaging, and the market is gradually expanding. The pet laser rainbow film of Taiwan guangqun company has entered the mainland market in batches, forming a competitive situation with the BOPP laser rainbow film of Taiwan yongtoyota company, which entered earlier. The two operations have their own characteristics: yongtoyota company successfully applied laser rainbow paper to tobacco packaging in the mainland and successfully developed a new market through exclusive cooperation with a color printing company after sample fracture in Shenzhen 1; Through a number of agents in the mainland, guangqun company has taken advantage of the advantages of pet laser rainbow film to advance step by step. One of its agents in Shanghai has rented advanced compounding and cutting equipment in the mainland, launched low-cost pet laser rainbow paperboard, and published advertisements in China tobacco and some packaging professional stations. It seems that the market competition of cigarette laser rainbow paperboard will become increasingly fierce, which is beneficial to reducing costs in China's tobacco packaging industry. At the same time, we hope that domestic manufacturers can form production capacity as soon as possible, seize the opportunity, catch up and grow in the competition

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