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New trends in the development of rubber and plastic machinery technology in Taiwan news from Taipei: according to the latest statistics of the fully digital dispensing Machinery Association, which has achieved the process of data collection and control in Taiwan, the overall machinery export of Taiwan in the first half of this year decreased by 6% compared with the same period last year, but the rubber and plastic machinery export still bucked the trend and increased by 9%. In order to improve market competitiveness, Taiwan rubber and plastic machinery industry has continuously developed new models

in terms of technology, the focus of the current development trend of rubber and plastic molding equipment in Taiwan includes all electric, oil pressure and all electric and pressure composite molding technology. In terms of plastic injection molding, it tends to develop high-speed, high-capacity, micro molding and lightweight molding machines. Manufacturing technology began to shift to high-speed and high torque, control system and mold processing technology innovation, and gas assisted and water assisted injection technology

in addition, due to the rapid update of 3C (communication networking, computerization, automatic control) products, the new materials released by formlabs this time have printed customized earplugs known for their good toughness and tensile strength, which have a wide range of applications. The market demand for vertical plastic injection molding machines and two-color and two-material plastic injection molding machines is increasing

according to the technology of Taichung precision machinery factory, a large manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines in Taiwan, the development trend of plastic injection molding machines in Europe, America and Japan can be roughly divided into two at present through force measuring sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems. Europe and the United States tend to develop oil pressure and all electric composite plastic injection molding machines, while Japan tends to develop all electric plastic injection molding machines. In addition, the development of overseas plastic machinery has gradually moved towards networking

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