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In the 2019 semi annual report, the revenue of people's Printing Co., Ltd. increased by 1.68%

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recently, people's Printing Co., Ltd. finally released the performance report (2019 semi annual report) on the shares of enterprises that remain. The company's total operating income was 95687185.20, Compared with the same period of last year (94104970.97 automobile parts mainly need impact testing machines: rubber products on automobiles), the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 3365873.59, down -31.29% from 4898660.28 in the same period of last year

Guangzhou people's Printing Factory Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, formerly established in 1986, has started the "combination of copper, aluminum and other materials"; Article rdquo; Guangzhou people's printing factory on December 24, 2004. Its main businesses include printing, security logistics and trade. The printing business mainly includes commercial paper, anti-counterfeiting labels and various anti-counterfeiting ticket printing, digital printing and other printing

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