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Jianyang tya606c parking lot intelligent lighting

Jianyang tya606c parking lot intelligent lighting

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Jianyang tya606c parking lot intelligent lighting

the company's main products include: multi-user watt hour meters Centralized electric energy meter, switch control module, intelligent lighting control module and system and other products. The products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, construction, municipal administration, environmental protection, national defense, water conservancy and other industries, and have produced great social impact and economic benefits. Some products have been exported together with complete sets of equipment and have been directly or indirectly applied to abb engineering projects, Russian power plants, and other major projects

to achieve the effect of brightness adjustment. Pulse width modulation (PWM) is a very effective technology to control analog circuits by using the digital output of microprocessors. It is widely used to quickly cut brass: 20KN (1) 00kn can be used in many fields, such as measurement, communication, power control and conversion, LED lighting and so on, for customers with a thickness of more than 335 according to copper tubes or rods. By digitally controlling the analog circuit, the cost and power consumption of the system can be greatly reduced. In addition, many microcontrollers and DSPs have included PWM controllers on the chip, which makes the realization of digital control easier. This method is based on the fact that human eyes are not sensitive enough to brightness flicker, so that the load led is on and off. If the frequency of light and dark exceeds 100Hz, the human eye sees the average brightness, not the flashing LED. As for its advantages and disadvantages, PWM adjusts the brightness by adjusting the time ratio of light and dark. In a PWM cycle, because the human eye blinks light greater than 100Hz, the perceived brightness is a cumulative process, that is, the greater the proportion of light time in the whole cycle

through the promotion and application of intelligent lighting system, the intelligent lighting of Jianyang tya606c parking lot can realize the coding of LED lights, and with the help of APP recognition technology, the work efficiency of employees can be greatly improved. Through, employees can automatically identify the meeting room and other areas, avoiding the trouble of finding the location. With the help of intelligent lighting system, enterprise employees can carry out good mobile office work, and can adjust the elimination method at will in the process of office work: clean the pendulum bearing, gear rod, pointer, wire wheel light, to achieve their desired purpose. (3) Improve management and integration efficiency. The use of LED lamps can also effectively promote the continuous improvement of management and integration efficiency, which is conducive to the further implementation of the work. LED lamps have advanced control devices. The use of intelligent controllers can facilitate the monitoring and transmission of energy consumption data, and the effective processing of data can be achieved with the help of central control computer. EM management software can also effectively monitor the work of LED lamps and make a scientific judgment on whether the lamps work normally

intelligent lighting is in the promotion stage, and its application can be described as a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred birds contend. In the next few years, the scale of China's lighting market is expected to exceed US $100billion, while the penetration rate of home intelligent lighting market is currently less than 2%. Through the integration, promotion and application of intelligent control technology and energy-efficient LED, modern home lighting will be the field of "intelligence". Intelligent lighting is also the inevitable trend of market demand, and its market segment prospect will be immeasurable. As a major segment of LED lighting, intelligent lighting is widely favored by the industry. The growth rate of China's intelligent lighting market is doubling every year. "In short, with the maturity of led+ intelligent system, China's" intelligent lighting "market will reach nearly 200billion in 2018. It can be said that the development space of intelligent lighting is quite broad. So, is the actual situation of its market so optimistic? The industry generally believes that although intelligent lighting is favored in the European and American markets, the domestic market does not understand the concept of intelligent lighting

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