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Jianhui 3.6 million ton pulp and paper project landed in Wuzhou Jiulong Zhang Yin's inspection of Yulin Guangxi has really become a "hot cake" for papermaking

release date: Source: paper industry internal reference

after app Jingui (has been put into operation and new projects are under construction), Stora Enso (has been put into operation), Sun Paper (new projects are under construction), Asia Pacific Senbo (signed), Liwen paper (signed) and Xianhe paper (signed), two paper enterprises in Guangdong have targeted the west of Guangzhou 46 ton forklift truck

Jianhui paper signed a 3.6 million ton pulp and paper project in Teng County, Wuzhou on September 11 Click the run button to start the test. On the 24th, the Party committee and government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region held a "sharing new opportunities for cooperation and jointly building a new pattern of development - 2020 'Gulf enterprises entering Guangxi' promotion conference and signing ceremony" in Shenzhen. Lu Xinshe, Secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region and director of the Standing Committee of the people's Congress of the autonomous region, delivered a speech at the promotion conference, and Chen Wu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region and chairman of the autonomous region, presided over the promotion conference

a total of 92 projects were signed online and offline, with a total investment of 385.159 billion. Among them, a total of 4 strategic cooperation agreements and 31 investment cooperation projects were signed at the promotion meeting, with a total investment of 311billion, involving intelligent manufacturing, electronic information, new materials, new energy and other industrial fields. There are 57 cloud contracted projects with a total investment of 74.159 billion, involving intelligent equipment, new materials, great health, culture and tourism and other industrial fields

Qin Shiping, the county magistrate of Teng County, Wuzhou City, successfully signed the forest pulp paper integration project of Jianhui paper (Guangxi) with a total investment of 13billion

On the afternoon of September 24, quanguishou, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Qin Shiping met with LiGuiHua, chairman of Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co., Ltd., to learn about the settlement of Jianhui paper forest pulp paper integration project in Teng County

Quan Guishou said that Tengxian county has good geographical advantages, convenient transportation and obvious resource advantages, which is suitable for the resident development of enterprises. Tengxian county must provide various services, and the implementation of various preferential policies will certainly give play to its unique advantages and provide excellent development conditions for enterprise investment. At the same time, it is hoped that Jianhui paper will vigorously promote the rapid economic development of Tengxian county and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results on the premise of its own profitability

it is reported that Jianhui paper forest pulp paper integration project is preliminarily planned to be located in Teng County New Material Industrial Park, with an overall planned land area of about 3000 mu. Plastic packaging and printing enterprises that plan to build 12 production lines are facing severe challenges (four internationally advanced pulp production lines and eight high-grade paper production lines will be built in two phases). The production raw materials of the project will give priority to the use of local rich bamboo resources. After completion, the annual pulp and paper production capacity will be about 3.6 million tons, the output value will reach 20billion, the tax revenue is expected to reach 2billion, and more than 3800 jobs will be provided

On September 25, huanghaikun, Secretary of Yulin Municipal Party committee, and Bai Songtao, mayor of Yulin, met with Zhang Yin, vice president of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce paper chamber of Commerce and chairman of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd., who participated in the research team of the all China Federation of industry and commerce

On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Huang Haikun and Bai Songtao welcomed Zhang Yin and his delegation and introduced the economic and social development of Yulin, especially the transportation construction, industrial development and forest resources. Huang Haikun and Bai Songtao said that in recent years, Yulin has made every effort to promote the construction of transportation infrastructure, and an integrated land, sea and air transportation system is being formed; Focus on strengthening the leading, supplementing the chain, and gathering groups, and accelerate the formation of four hundred billion industries, including machinery manufacturing, new materials, clothing leather, and great health. Yulin is rich in forest resources, and its forest area of industrial raw materials for forest products ranks in the forefront of Guangxi. It has a good foundation for the development of the paper industry. Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd. is a paper group with the second largest production capacity in the world and a leading paper enterprise in China. It has obvious advantages in capital, technology, management and other aspects, and there is a broad space for cooperation between the two sides. It is hoped that Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd. will settle in Yulin, invest in Yulin, play a leading role in the industry, lengthen the industrial chain, and form a agglomeration effect. Yulin will create the best business environment for enterprises and strive to achieve win-win cooperation and development

Zhang Yin said that the purpose of leading the technical team to Yulin this time is to conduct in-depth investigation, communication and docking, deepen understanding and seek common cooperation. Yulin has a good development momentum, superior investment environment and huge development space, and is full of expectation and confidence in bilateral cooperation. It will give full play to its own advantages, strengthen bilateral exchanges and cooperation, plan and layout cooperation projects, and promote the high-quality economic and social development of Yulin

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