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Jianhu petroleum equipment "flies alone" in the international market

in an interview in Jianhu County, we found that there is no "drop of oil" produced here, but relying on the pioneering spirit of technicians and suppliers, we have created a 10 billion yuan petroleum machinery industry chain. Now, this industrial chain is constantly improving in the "melting pot" of scientific and technological innovation, thickening and lengthening in international competition. It was exhibited on the world petroleum equipment stage

when interviewed in Jianhu County, it was found that "a drop of oil" is not produced here, but relying on the pioneering spirit of technicians and suppliers, a 10 billion yuan petroleum machinery industrial chain has been created. Today, this industrial chain is constantly improving in the "melting pot" of scientific and technological innovation, thickening and lengthening in international competition, and showing the charm of "Jianhu manufacturing" on the world petroleum equipment stage after detailed evaluation and analysis

On June 13 this year, another batch of products of Jiangsu hongdafu Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. were sold to the international market. The company is invested and established by American WFT company and Jianhu Hongda valve fittings Co., Ltd., and has 26 world-class flexible machining centers, 3 CNC boring and milling machines and more than 100 sets of domestic leading equipment

the petroleum machinery industry is one of the emerging characteristic industries that Yancheng will focus on during the "12th Five Year Plan". In December 2008, Jianhu County was awarded the "China petroleum equipment manufacturing base" by the China Petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry association. There are more than 560 enterprises in the whole industry, forming a relatively complete upstream, middle and downstream industrial chain, with a total amount of more than 10billion yuan in 2011

"what we rely on is innovation!" In Jianhu Petroleum Equipment Industrial Park, Xia long, the person in charge, said that all of the more than 500 enterprises in the county who eat "oil rice" have unique skills. From 9000 meters to 12000 meters under the sea, Shuangxin company has accelerated the development of new products and made every effort to enter the "ocean" market, and the energy level of deep well manifold has been constantly refreshed; The ice resistant riser of offshore oil and gas wells of Yongwei drilling parts company won the special gold award of the International Expo; The hydraulic power tong of Teda Company has 38 self owned patents on one product... The products made by the enterprise continue to innovate and move forward to the high end, which actually sounds not high. The real technology gives Jianhu petroleum machinery "corps" the confidence to "fly alone" in the international market

"the price of a basketball sized drill is higher than that of an Audi A6!" In an interview with chenzhenfeng, the founder of Yongheng Cultural Innovation Park, the boss of an oil enterprise in Jianhu revealed that this core component was previously imported from the United States. Now they have jointly developed a new high-efficiency oil drill bit with China University of petroleum, and have won the intention contract of the world's top 500 companies before mass production. Earlier this year, the company set up a global sales center and a holding company in Canada and the United States respectively

visited Jianhu Petroleum Equipment Industrial Park and found that almost all enterprises are innovating products and marching towards more high-end offshore oil equipment. Relying on 6 academician workstations, 2 provincial engineering research centers and more than 100 colleges and universities, Jianhu petroleum machinery industry has developed 116 new products above the provincial level, more than 400 patented technologies, and more than 50% of enterprises have passed the API certification of the American Petroleum Institute

in order to comprehensively improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises and promote the transformation and upgrading of the petroleum equipment industry. Jianhu County integrates the innovative resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of engineering, Xi'an University of petroleum and Tongji University to establish a Petroleum Machinery Research Institute, which is designed to solve the "difficult and miscellaneous problems" from product upgrading, talent training to brand building. "No matter how large an oil field you are, as long as you come to Jianhu, you can get more than 90% of the equipment in one stop." The head of Petroleum Machinery Research Institute said proudly

driven by innovation, Jianhu oil is less transparent, and the equipment industry releases new vitality in the transformation. In recent years, the national Torch Plan petroleum equipment characteristic industry base and Jiangsu new industrialization industry demonstration base have successively settled in Jianhu. Jianhu petroleum equipment industry chain has been gradually improved, its competitiveness has been steadily improved, and its market share is getting higher and higher

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