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Application status of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging in cold fresh meat

at present, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for cold fresh meat is also increasing, so many enterprises are preparing to produce cold fresh meat. However, due to the short preservation period of cold fresh meat, it is difficult to maintain its color. Many enterprises flinch at this; Therefore, the key to large-scale production and distribution of cold fresh meat is to solve the problem of preservation. Nowadays, compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is generally used internationally to solve such problems

now the application of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging in cold fresh meat is introduced as follows:

first, the basic principle

1. Nutritionists believe that there is also an ATP active substance in the body of pigs after slaughter. If eaten immediately, its nutritional value is not as good as cooling before eating; If it is cooled at 0~4 ℃ for 24h after slaughter, ATP will lose its activity and realize the acid removal process. The pork texture will become soft, fragrant, good in taste, and conducive to human absorption. This kind of meat is called "cold, then the sample will be judged as qualified meat". The packaging of cold fresh meat includes vacuum packaging, nitrogen filled packaging and composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging. Because the color of cold fresh meat in vacuum packaging and nitrogen filled packaging is dark after packaging, and the original fresh color of fresh meat is lost, composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is generally used. The fresh-keeping period of cold fresh meat after composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is 7-12 days, and the color and flavor of fresh meat can be maintained

2. The color of meat depends on three states of myoglobin on the surface of muscle. Myoglobin changes to reduced myoglobin due to hypoxia during vacuum and nitrogen filling packaging, and the meat is light purple; Meat exposed to the air for a long time, myoglobin into iron myoglobin, muscle dark brown; When a certain amount of oxygen is maintained in the packaging container, myoglobin is transformed into oxygenated myoglobin, and the muscle shows the bright red luster of fresh meat. Since modified atmosphere packaging filled with an appropriate proportion of fresh-keeping gas can not only ensure the quality of fresh meat unchanged, but also maintain its original fresh color and attract consumers to buy, it is more suitable to use composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging for cold fresh meat

3. The mixed fresh-keeping gas in the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping package of cold fresh meat is composed of O2 and CO2. Among them, the concentration of O2 is relatively high. In 2016, because of the higher concentration of O2, the chilled meat can maintain the bright red luster of fresh meat; An appropriate concentration of CO2 can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms. According to foreign experience and the practice of our company, it is proved that a relatively satisfactory effect can be achieved when the O2 concentration in the mixed gas is between 65% and 70% and the CO2 concentration is between 35% and 30%. This can not only prolong the fresh-keeping period of cold fresh meat, but also have a good appearance and color, attracting consumers

in addition, in production practice, water mist will appear on the composite film of packaged products due to temperature difference, which will damage the appearance and image and affect product sales. In view of this situation, our company has done a lot of experiments, and finally developed an anti fog device, which completely solves the problem of water mist on the composite membrane

II. Effect

1. It is conducive to extending the fresh-keeping period of cold fresh meat. After using modified atmosphere packaging, cold fresh meat can be kept fresh for 7-10 days at 0~4 ℃

2. It is conducive to maintain the appearance and color of cold fresh meat

cold fresh meat packaged with composite modified atmosphere preservation can better maintain the fresh color of cold fresh meat and attract consumers' desire to buy under the action of fresh-keeping gas

3. It is conducive to improve the quality of cold fresh meat, but in Nike, Adidas, Chanel, 3star, Anta and other domestic and foreign first-line brands, safety and hygiene

after acid removal and cooling, cold fresh meat is more conducive to human absorption, and the packaged cold fresh meat is isolated from the outside world, and bacteria cannot be invaded. In this way, the quality, safety and hygiene of cold fresh meat are greatly improved. With the increase of the content of hydrophilic monomer Tris in inp4h-hema-tris system, its oxygen permeability increases

4. It is conducive to reducing the number of distribution, saving production costs, and expanding the marketing scope

due to the extension of the fresh-keeping period, the marketing scope can be expanded; The delivery times can be relatively reduced, thereby saving production costs

5. It is conducive to establish brand image

after using modified atmosphere packaging, the quality and appearance of cold fresh meat have been greatly improved, which will play a good role in promoting the brand expansion and image improvement of the enterprise

in conclusion, the production of cold fresh meat by enterprises has broad development prospects, and the use of composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is also an inevitable trend; Then, whoever is the first to master advanced technology will gain an advantage in the future struggle and occupy a major position in the market

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