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Jiangyin Lida: improve product competitiveness with patented technology

[China Packaging News] (author: Wang Dahai) Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, located in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, is one of the developed areas of China's printing and packaging machinery manufacturing industry. Among many manufacturers, as long as Jiangyin Lida printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lida Company) is mentioned, many users and peers are not unfamiliar. This is because this private manufacturing enterprise, founded in 1998, has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating product research and development, design, production and sales after more than 10 years of hard work, and has basically completed the initial accumulation of technology, products, markets and capital. The company not only has a modern production plant covering an area of more than 12000 square meters (including staff canteens, staff dormitories and various cultural and entertainment facilities), has established a high-quality R & D and production team with rich professional technology, but also independently developed a number of high-quality printing and packaging equipment with leading technology and excellent performance. Its main products include a series of flexible packaging equipment with more than 20 specifications in more than 10 varieties, such as medium and high-grade gravure printing machines, laminating machines, coating machines, slitting machines, inspection rewinding machines, etc. With its leading technology, excellent quality, reasonable product price and considerate after-sales service, Lida machinery is currently selling well in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and some equipment is exported to more than 10 countries and regions overseas. Excellent products and extraordinary business performance have made Lida Company famous in the market. Relevant government departments have awarded the company the titles of contract abiding and integrity enterprise, demonstration unit of double guarantee of quality and reputation, and top ten unit of technological innovation for many times

(the picture shows the strong interest of Lida products in Shanghai Packaging Exhibition)

in the face of fierce market competition, what secret does Lida Company rely on to assume that they use only half a pen per person per month to achieve such a satisfactory performance? General manager Liu Li, who has always been bad at talking too much, replied that the main reason is to adhere to independent innovation, strive to improve the technical content of products, and pay close attention to product research and development, so as to make Lida machinery more competitive in the market. Only in this way can our products be sold and our enterprises survive and develop. Yes, looking back on the development history of Lida Company, there are technological research and development and product innovation achievements almost every year. In the past two to three years, the company has developed a number of market leading new products, and another seven new processes and technologies have obtained national registered patents. That is, the structure of the gravure printing electromechanical box has won the appearance patent because of its unique adjustable reporting situation and its three-dimensional and beautiful appearance; The tape free winding and receiving mechanism of gravure printing machine, which changes the traditional complex operation mode and is more simple, fast and humanized, has won the practical patent; The embossing limit device of gravure printing machine, which effectively controls the upper and lower positions of the embossing cots, won the practical patent; The independent driving device of gravure printing machine, which greatly improves the ink scraping effect of the scraper and the printing accuracy, won the practical patent; Dry compounding machine energy-saving oven device won the practical patent; The air suction material receiving platform device, which changes the traditional cylinder material pressing and adopts the motor to adjust the position of the pressure arm through the reducer, has won the practical patent; The rewinding and pressing device of the inspection rewinder won the invention patent

(the picture shows that foreign businessmen in Southeast Asia are purchasing Lida equipment)

Lida Company has greatly improved the product quality and increased the various performances of the equipment by virtue of the patented technology independently developed, which has directly benefited the majority of users. For example, the company has developed two of the highest grade electronic axis computer gravure printing machines and double receiving and double releasing unit gravure printing machines in China in recent years, especially the electronic axis computer gravure printing machine that has recently been offline. Its unique process is that the roll in and roll out is an independent tower type double arm double station turnback frame, the inflatable shaft supports the roll, the material is automatically received under high conditions, the humanized design, and the new type of safety chuck ensure the safety of personnel, Shaftless air roof loading mode can also be adopted; Tension control of nine motors in the whole machine, and the first and last color units are independently driven by AC servo motors; PLC is used for logic control and protection, and the touch screen is used for centralized control; High efficiency drying oven and air inlet and exhaust design, effectively controlling residual solvents; The new low damping cooling roll design has obvious cooling effect and prevents the material film from being scratched by high-speed operation; Another ink delivery roller device;? Automatic control of vertical and horizontal registration with pre registration, which can be displayed in still screen. These new technologies and processes are close to or reach the level of imported equipment. Not long ago, this equipment has been successfully exported to Canada with foreign investors. In addition, Lida's double receiving and double releasing unit gravure printing machine and other models also have market leading performance and high cost performance, and are now being used by many manufacturers. Many users unanimously commented that due to the use of a variety of patented technologies, such as the structure of the gravure printing electromechanical box, the tape free winding and receiving mechanism of the gravure printing machine, the embossing limit device of the gravure printing machine, and the moving independent driving device of the gravure printing machine, Lida machinery has changed the traditional and complex way of use, making the operation simpler, faster and humanized. The application of the embossing limit device, The scraping effect of the scraper and the accuracy of printing are greatly improved. It is particularly worth mentioning that in the PE printing process where tension is extremely difficult to control, the tension control technology of Lida's equipment is especially famous for its more stability and accuracy. Without integrity, there will be no quality, and without quality, there will be no market. No matter when, where, and what kind of products, only excellent quality is the hard truth. Lida people always regard product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise. Therefore, in every link of product design, manufacturing, installation and so on, the company adheres to the purpose of making users satisfied and returning products if not satisfied. It can be said that the temperature of all heating areas of the barrel should be set at 200 ° C. exaggeratedly, the current users of Lida Company rely on quality to win. For example, lgf-h high-speed dry compound machine, which was recently exported to Thailand, is a model with energy-saving, environmental protection and green characteristics. Compared with similar machines in the industry, it can save energy by nearly 10% every year. Its energy-saving oven device has won a practical national patent. Especially in the aluminum foil compounding process, it has an absolute advantage in the industry in terms of tension control, drying effect and compounding (pressure control) effect, and has been ahead of domestic manufacturers in the same industry. At the Beijing printing International Exhibition on May the year before last, a lgf-1050m high-speed dry laminating machine exhibited by the company successfully demonstrated high-tech processes such as almost zero consumables loss of raw materials and automatic connection of aluminum foil without stopping at a high speed of 220 meters/minute on the spot, which immediately won applause from the audience and unanimous praise from Industry Association experts for the poor transparency of cans made of aluminum foil for printing and packaging. It is precisely because the technology, quality and price of Lida machinery are obviously comparable in the market, so in recent years, manufacturers in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong, Hebei, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Shenzhen and other provinces and cities, as well as many merchants in some countries and regions in Southeast Asia, have chosen Lida equipment

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