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Jiaozhou fire protection multi measures to promote the renovation of fire-fighting products such as fire-fighting paint

Jiaozhou fire protection multi measures to promote the renovation of fire-fighting products such as fire-fighting paint

November 27, 2012

[China paint information] recently, the Jiaozhou public security fire brigade seriously deployed and deeply promoted the supervision and management of fire-fighting products, aiming to further strengthen the supervision and management of fire-fighting product quality and resolutely crack down on fake and inferior fire-fighting products, Effectively eliminate fire hazards caused by product quality problems and maintain social and public safety

first, pay close attention to the daily supervision and inspection of fire products

in order to ensure the effectiveness of the renovation of fire products, the fire supervisors of the brigade conducted a major inspection of fire products in the maintenance and sales industry of fire products and new, reconstruction and expansion projects under their jurisdiction, In particular, the use and quality problems of building fire-fighting facilities in densely populated enterprises and public places where mass casualties and fire accidents may occur were inspected, and the installation and use of fire-fighting products were strictly controlled in 1993. Fire supervisors carefully inspected fire hydrants, fire hoses, water guns, interfaces, emergency lamps, fire extinguishers, evacuation signs, safety exit signs Whether the fire-fighting products such as fire-proof coating are qualified. For the unqualified fire-fighting products found, the supervision and inspection records of fire-fighting products shall be carefully filled in according to the relevant law enforcement division and law enforcement procedures. The unqualified products shall be ordered to correct within a time limit, and the data corresponding to each point on the observation curve can be enlarged, narrowed and clicked. If the data fails to correct within the time limit, the punishment shall be imposed according to law

second, pay close attention to the source control and strictly control the entrance

in order to control and eliminate fake and inferior fire-fighting products from the source. During the inspection of the distribution and maintenance stores, the law enforcement and supervision personnel of the brigade will focus on whether the fire-fighting products sold by them have legal procedures and whether the documents are complete, and will inspect the fire extinguishers and emergency lighting according to the on-site inspection and judgment rules of fire-fighting products. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of fire-fighting products such as safety exit signs, water guns, water hoses, indoor fire hydrants, etc. The inspectors shall register the type, quantity, manufacturer, annual sales volume and other basic information of fire-fighting products operated by each distribution unit to ensure that the bottom number is clear and the situation is clear. Through on-site inspection, random sampling inspection is carried out on the cutting and abrasive worn particle fire extinguishers of various distribution units, so as to effectively improve the ideological understanding of fire product sales and maintenance units and units using fire products, and enhance the awareness of social units to resist fake and inferior fire products

third, the single-chip computer unit connected with the amplifier is to pay close attention to the business and technical guidance. In order to better carry out business and technical services, the brigade organized relevant technicians of fire product production enterprises to fully cooperate in technical services, and comprehensively guaranteed technicians, service time and service quality. At the same time, in the inspection work, adhere to a fair, objective, standardized and rigorous work style, work in strict accordance with the requirements of the certification implementation rules, provide high-quality services for the inspected units, and better contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the fire product market

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