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The editor said as the saying goes, "seven things open the door to life, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea", among these seven things, condiments account for four, more than half, which shows the importance of condiments in people's daily life. Perhaps because it is closely related to our life, it is so common that it is not paid special attention to? In this issue, we focus on the "magicians" who bring "ups and downs" to our lives, and pay attention to their "clothes". For ordinary condiments, how important is the label? Can a good label promote the sale of condiments

at the beginning of the new year, many products have changed their clothes at the right time. For example, Pantene shampoo uses a new label and adds a bronzing process on the basis of the original label, making the overall display effect of the product more perfect. Compared with the labels of daily chemical products with bright colors and exquisite designs, the labels of condiments appear "plain". However, this situation has changed a little this spring. The seasoning industry has always maintained contact with us. Foshan Haitian launched several new products such as "light soy sauce" in the new year, using new laser paper label materials. The label design is also gorgeous and noble, which complements the product positioning. Among the faces of many tablets, this high-end product is really eye-catching

through investigation and interview, the current use of condiment labels in China is roughly as follows:

current situation 1: packaging focuses on the development of environmental friendly and high-performance adhesive single

all along, domestic condiment containers have been mainly glass bottles and metal cans, and labels are mainly paper wet adhesive labels and self-adhesive labels. It is estimated that more than 90% of condiments are packaged in this form. The reason why glass bottles are used is generally based on several considerations. One is that glass bottles are easy to disinfect. For example, Mr. Song, an old vinegar in the water tower, said that glass bottles are good for food disinfection and can be used with confidence. In addition, it is people's consumption habits formed for a long time. Mr. Wei, who brewed in Shanghai Baoxi, said that citizens generally have a fear of plastics. Baoxi is mainly vinegar products, so now it still uses glass bottles as the main packaging containers

packaging containers largely determine the form of labels. Therefore, the combination of glass bottles and paper labels has become the best choice for most condiments

current situation 2: the design is lack of novelty

at present, the label content of most condiments on the market mainly highlights trademarks and trade names, and the overall design depends on the nature of the product. For example, the color of sauce oil products is mainly red, yellow and other warm colors; White vinegar products are mainly white, with simple design; Seasoning sauce products are rich in color. For example, fruit sauce is decorated with corresponding fruit patterns according to different tastes

in general, most condiment labels focus on the functional appeal, focusing on telling consumers "what we sell", such as Haitian's super series of products such as super raw soy sauce king, super delicious, super delicious, etc. on the basis of maintaining a unified style, there is a corresponding dish under the label according to different product positioning, so that the product's appeal function is clear at a glance. The deep-seated functions of labels have not been used. For a commodity, a good label should not only convey the basic information of the commodity to consumers, but also arouse the desire to buy and help the commodity complete sales

current situation 3: the annual usage is amazing

among the more than ten seasoning enterprises interviewed, the annual usage of labels is more than tens of millions, and the number is amazing. It can be seen that the use of large quantities is likely to bring about a decline in cost space. Different condiment enterprises have different opinions on this issue. Guangzhou Golden tool torque testing equipment development yingxinji zhimeizhai soy sauce, Mr. Yuan believes that the cost of condiments is very low, and the cost of labels cannot be high. Beijing Wangzhihe uses in mold labels for most products. Although many condiment enterprises are optimistic about this label form, it is in the wait-and-see stage due to cost concerns. Mr. Zhao of Wangzhihe believes that the overall cost of in mold labels is not high due to the large batch of condiment labels

the above summary of automotive lightweight materials: high strength steel plate, high strength cold rolled steel plate, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, thermoplastic resin, thermosetting resin, polycarbonate resin, rubber/thermoplastic elastomer, carbon nanofibers, ceramics, light glass, high molecular materials, composites, modified plastics, general is only the general situation of the domestic condiment label market, not absolute. For example, Haitian 1.9l raw and old soy sauce uses plastic bottle plastic shrink film labels. Its four seafood chicken juice products (480ml) use glass bottles + shrink film labels. The whole label design is mainly composed of red and yellow colors, with strong colors and attractive patterns, so that the whole product is eye-catching and arouses appetite at the same time. A number of enterprises that have used in mold labels on their products, such as Longmen Hotan Kuan, Beijing Wangzhihe, Shijiazhuang Zhenji brewing, have made another attempt to label condiments

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