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Jiangyin rise modern export packaging material production base

it was learned from the "Tenth Five year plan demonstration meeting of China's flexible plastic packaging material production base" held in Beijing a few days ago that a modern flexible plastic packaging material production base in line with international standards will rise in the Jiangyin Riverside new material development belt in Jiangsu Province, with a planned area of 3 square kilometers in the first phase, mainly producing 200000 tons of new flexible plastic packaging base materials, and the annual sales revenue is expected to reach 5billion yuan

the experts attending the meeting believed that these are remarkable results. The construction of China's flexible plastic packaging material production base led by Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park is in line with the national "Tenth Five Year" packaging industry development plan and long-term strategy, and its development goals and strategic measures are positive and feasible. The production base should take measures such as accelerating the construction of a national soft plastic packaging technology center, increasing the integration and optimization with domestic and foreign scientific research forces, establishing a "postdoctoral workstation" as soon as possible, increasing investment in scientific and Technological Development and innovation, and forming the product advantage of the base that "the development of this spray free new product is not a smooth, high, new, special and excellent" as soon as possible, so as to form a strong position with international competitiveness, Effectively improve the production and scientific and technological level of China's flexible plastic packaging industry

according to Mr. zhangguoping, director of the park's management committee, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the base will form an annual production capacity of 200000 tons of plastic packaging base materials, 40000 tons of color printing composite packaging materials, 10000 tons of high barrier composite materials and 50000 pieces of laser plate making, so that the park will form three pillar product series based on plastic packaging base materials, color printing composite packaging materials and laser plate making, from the production scale, technical process level Brand image and market share are fully in line with the international industry, so as to effectively enhance the international competitiveness of China's packaging industry, but [sales] are still very large

it is understood that after years of construction and development, Jiangyin Shenda science and Technology Industrial Park has the advantages of industrial agglomeration, leading production scale, continuous product innovation, capital operation expansion and so on. Since its establishment in March 2000, China's flexible plastic packaging material production base has shown great vitality in production, operation and development

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