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How much is the silent generator rented in Dongcheng District? What are the requirements for the standby diesel generator set for fire protection? Chongqing diesel generator rent participates in the construction of the national new material innovation center. Rent (1) the self-contained generator set of class I high-rise buildings, which should be equipped with automatic starting device and can supply power within 30 seconds. (2) Requirements for class II standby diesel generator set for fire protection (1) the self-contained generator set of class I high-rise buildings shall be equipped with automatic starting device and can supply power within 30 seconds. (2) For self-contained generator sets in class II high-rise buildings, when it is difficult to use automatic starting, manual starting devices can be used When the regional power supply conditions cannot meet the power supply reliability requirements of the first-class load and the second-class load of fire protection, or it is not economical to obtain the second power supply from the regional substation, the self-contained fire standby power supply (diesel generator set) should be set. The self-contained standby power supply for fire fighting includes: emergency generator set, battery pack and uninterruptible power supply. The reasons for the excess installed capacity are relatively complex (UPS). Compared with the current machine combined with manual sorting mode, Jinmin new material is a battery with a partnership entrepreneurship platform as the carrier. The requirements of self-contained power supply for fire protection of high-rise buildings for self-contained power generation equipment (self-contained emergency generator set) include: self-contained emergency generator set includes diesel generator set and gas turbine generator set

rental silent generator sets should be used in places that need diesel generator power supply and do not want to receive noise interference, such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, banks, hotels or special places. The price of this silent generator used in special environment is also higher than that of ordinary generator. However, some users find that sometimes the voltage of silent generator sets is not as stable as electricity, which may have some impact on silent generator sets and operations in use. Then, what are the factors that affect the voltage of silent generator sets? 1. The unstable speed of the diesel engine causes the voltage instability of the generator set. 2. The damage of the voltmeter of the diesel generator caused the false image of voltage instability. Of course, most generator sets now use intelligent displays, so this phenomenon does not exist

rent silent generators and innovative new technologies. Scrubbing: wipe the diesel generator with a wet cloth outside the charger. The dust, oil stain, white powder, etc. of the pile head (positive and negative pole heads) on the panel are easy to cause leakage pollution. Wipe it clean. This often wipes the diesel generator charger. The pile head of the diesel generator charger does not accumulate white acid erosion powder, and its service life will be longer. Do not store in a wet place: the battery in a wet place will cause the battery charger to be damp, causing electric shock or short circuit. Cause adverse safety risks. Don't put the generator in a damp place and pour it into the battery

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