How much is the most popular set of 5-meter street

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How much is a set of 5-meter street lamp poles

how much is a set of 5-meter street lamp poles

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traditional street lighting will consume a lot of municipal power resources. If these traditional street lights are updated to solar street lights, it means that they will no longer be consumed in municipal and rural road lighting, which really plays a big role in alleviating the problem of power shortage. In addition, photovoltaic power generation system (solar power generation system) also plays a huge role in alleviating the problem of power shortage, And the return on investment is still very high. Although the price of solar street lamps is higher than that of traditional outdoor street lamps, as energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting fixtures, I believe that more and more regions will choose to invest in projects independently. Because effective links are needed to alleviate the shortage of electricity, and solar street lamps can undertake this

<90% of the synthetic leather is produced in China. The rapid development of p>led street lamps can be said to be expected but unexpected. Why do you say so. It is mainly because of the high electricity price of conventional street lamps and the differences in light culture, which has promoted the development of outdoor LED street lamps. This is an inevitable development and is expected; What is unexpected is that led street lamps have developed so rapidly that many urban roads have been applied. It's not that conventional street lamps are bad, but that they are not in line with the development of today's era. The power consumption of conventional street lamps is three times that of LED street lamps, which is not conducive to economic development. At the same time, conventional street lamps will also have light pollution. LED street lamps have achieved the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection. In contrast, LED street lamps are more in line with contemporary development

now let's introduce how heavy is a set of 5-meter street lamp poles

street lamp specification 5 meters 20 watts 7 meters 30 watts lamp pole height 5 meters 7 meters lamp pole price yuan lamp pole style conical cone lamp pole wall thickness 2.6 mm 2.6 mm lamp pole upper diameter 65 mm lamp pole lower diameter 132 mm lamp pole material hot plated steel pipe hot plated steel pipe lamp arm style straight arm high low arm lamp source power 20 watts 30 watts lamp cap price yuan lamp cap style small torch rabbit lamp source material and has overload protection and other functions plastic LED excellent Potential pollution-free low energy consumption lamp source array lamp cap material aluminum shell aluminum shell accessories flange + anchor cage + wire and other flanges + anchor cage + wire and other LED street lamp price yuan lamp cap heat dissipation natural heat dissipation natural heat dissipation lamp pole painting hot plating plastic spraying hot plating plastic spraying lamp source life more than 35 years lithium battery capacity 12v30a12v45a lithium battery price yuan lithium battery shell aluminum shell lithium battery protection open circuit protection open circuit protection lithium battery life years Annual controller specification 12v-10ah 12v-10ah controller price 110 yuan 110 yuan photovoltaic panel specification polysilicon 65 watts polysilicon 90 watts photovoltaic panel price Yuan Yuan photovoltaic street lamp price yuan photovoltaic conversion rate 10.6%-13.6%-10.6%-13.6% installation spacing 20 meters 25 meters logistics cost does not include construction cost according to the construction site negotiation according to the construction site negotiation

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