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How much do you know about the import of waste paper

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core tip: China's paper industry is developing rapidly, and waste paper, as a renewable raw material, is increasingly favored by domestic manufacturers. The waste paper imported by China is growing every year, which also gives birth to some garbage kings. "But now, due to the fierce market and the increasingly transparent price, the market has become more and more difficult

[China Packaging News] with the rapid development of China's paper industry, waste paper, as a renewable raw material, is increasingly favored by domestic manufacturers. The waste paper imported by China is increasing every year, So it also gave birth to some "Garbage king" but now because of the fierce market, the price transparency is getting higher and higher, and the market has become more and more difficult.

at present, the common waste paper is mainly divided into three pieces, American waste, European waste and Japanese waste, and Korean waste can also be counted as one. In these countries, because it has been standardized, the waste paper industry is also relatively mature. Both parties can directly ask the label, such as the commonly used American waste 6 #, 9 #, 11 #, 13 #, American waste should be the standard The higher the number, the higher the quality, and the higher the price

in general, the utilization rate of American waste is relatively high, that is, it is often said that the pulp yield is high, followed by European waste, followed by daily waste, which is indeed better than our domestic waste paper. In addition, daily waste is cleaner and much stronger than American waste. In fact, some factories will use it together with American waste and European waste

in addition to the waste paper produced by household garbage, many used packing boxes and boxes can also be produced in supermarkets, and some can also be produced in industry, such as stainless steel lining paper. In addition, the defective products produced by papermaking enterprises during production, if they can be reused, can be called disordered paper, and the remaining ones that cannot be reused but can only be pulped are also called waste paper, such as toilet paper scraps

to sum up, as long as the paper used for recycling can be classified as waste paper, its quality is based on the pulp yield and the number of reuse. If the waste paper was originally made from wood pulp, the utilization rate will be very good, and the natural price will be very high. Generally speaking, in order to pack better, some water will be sprinkled in the packing factory. In addition, the paper itself has water, so the moisture content specified by the industry is 12%

according to the laws and regulations of our country and the occurrence of some illegal suppliers transporting domestic waste to China, the current national management of imported waste paper is still relatively strict, which should be divided into the following points:

foreign suppliers should pass the overseas supply enterprise certificate of export waste raw materials issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, which is often referred to as AQSIQ certificate. Now many agents in the market are certified by Mengren. If he can do it, it is 100% passed. If he can only pass for one company, it is a blind cat hitting a dead mouse

pre shipment inspection by foreign suppliers. According to the commodity inspection law of our country, waste raw materials, etc. must pass the pre shipment commodity inspection of the designated inspection company before being packed. The supplier needs to submit the photos of each container to the specified commodity inspection authority to enter Jinan for assaying. Special personnel are assigned to carry out equipment training, door-to-door commissioning and pre shipment commodity inspection. According to different regions, there are mainly the following ten inspection companies:

China Inspection Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Japan China Commodity Inspection Co., Ltd. (in addition to Japan, it also undertakes the pre shipment inspection of waste from South Korea to China.)

China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Corporation North America Co., Ltd

China National Import and Export Commodity Inspection Corporation Bremen Co., Ltd

China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Corporation Australia Limited

Russian Representative Office of China National Import and Export Commodity Inspection Corporation for the purpose of friction and wear testing machine

China Commodity Inspection Corporation Rotterdam branch

China Commodity Inspection London Co., Ltd

China Commodity Inspection New Zealand Co., Ltd

Marseille branch of China Commodity Inspection Corporation

according to the domestic legal inspection procedures, all enterprises importing waste paper must have the "approval certificate of imported waste" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration, which is an automatic import license. It is handled at the waste registration management center of the State Environmental Protection Administration. The import enterprises can apply for inspection with the approval certificate of imported waste and obtain the customs clearance form of imported goods before customs declaration. In addition, they can obtain the automatic import license from the local bureau of Commerce

foreign suppliers are mixed, most of them are middlemen. They don't have a packing factory, they just introduce some customers and get commissions from them. Waste paper is different from brand-new goods and cannot be accurately quantified. For example, the quality and moisture of paper are the focus of controversy. Generally, good suppliers will pay more in future trade as compensation for the previous one. There are still great risks in trading with middlemen. They can't guarantee the quality. If there are quality problems, they won't make compensation at all

in practice, the corresponding photos will be provided at the first contact, but many photos are not photos of the goods you send, it's good to represent their supply. The goods you order may still be packed in the supermarket. The main payment method of waste paper import is letter of credit, which is generally divided into sight and 90 day forward

China transports a lot of goods to the United States every year, but not so many goods return to China. Naturally, transportation companies will have a lot of empty cabinets, so the freight from the United States to China is surprisingly low, and the lowest is only a quarter of the cost from China to the United States. So now China US trade often exports boxes of clothing, toys and household appliances to the United States, returning boxes of garbage

because of this, the transportation of waste paper is full of uncertainty. Generally, the boxes loaded with waste paper are placed on the top of the container ship. If there is an accident at sea and the boxes need to be dumped, the boxes loaded with waste paper are the scapegoats. In addition, if they are loaded at some ports, in order to load those valuable goods, the waste paper boxes may be dumped at a port waiting for the next ship

in addition, there is not such a low shipping fee all the time. There must be enough empty boxes at the place of shipment, otherwise we have to wait for the shipping company to arrange time for shipment. The specific amount of shipment also needs to be confirmed by the shipping company, so suppliers generally do not promise to ship all the goods in one ship

freight is also different from suppliers and destination ports. For example, COSCO has agreements with some suppliers to give them VIP prices, and the cost of each case is surprisingly low. 1. American suppliers of leisure and sports soles set the main ports as Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, and European suppliers set Xiamen Haicang, Guangzhou Huangpu and other ports as main ports. The prices of other ports will be higher than those of these ports by US dollars/ton

after the goods arrive at the port, the container generally has 14 days of THC. If you want more, you can ask the supplier to apply in advance, but some thc time is relatively small. For example, the president shipping sometimes only gives 7 days, which is generally enough for customs declaration. If it exceeds one day, a fee of/USD/day will be charged

in Tianjin port, as long as the 40 foot cabinet can hold more than 20 tons, the customs broker will charge 85 yuan/ton. If it does not exceed 20 tons, it will charge around. In Ningbo port, it is generally charged according to the number of cabinets, and each cabinet is widely used for about 2100. The tariff of waste paper is 0, the value-added tax is 17%, and the port miscellaneous fees are included in the fees charged by the customs declaration company. There are basically no other fees

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