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How much is the rural integrated solar street lamp?

how much is the rural integrated solar street lamp?

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how much is the rural integrated solar street lamp?

with the continuous increase of the quantities of solar street lamps, the selection and matching of street lamps is also gradually extensive, but you should know the specific conventional types of products. 5-meter-high or 6-meter-high solar street lamp products are installed in rural areas, In urban areas, photovoltaic street light products with a height of 6 meters and 7 meters should be installed. For some intersections, squares, and light poles, the height should be controlled between 8 meters and 15 meters. As for high pole light products with a height of more than 15 meters, they are generally installed in large intersections, squares, docks, and so on. How much is the rural solar integrated street lamp

street lamp pole size: 5 meters conventional 6 meters conventional lamp cap type: little white rabbit little dolphin lamp source service life 50000 hours 50000 hours lamp source type led/yuan/pry led/yuan/pry lamp pole style: cone pole cone pole material: Q235 steel Q235 steel lamp pole power: 20 watts 30 watts lamp pole painting: customizable full plastic paint lamp pole price: about 600 yuan, about 710 yuan lamp shell: shape customization, shape customization, custom lamp cap price: 30 yuan -350 yuan, 40 yuan -45 yuan lithium 2、 Relative error of experimental force indication: ≤± 1% batteries can make it seriously deformed: ternary lithium battery ternary lithium battery lamp cap price: 30 yuan -350 yuan 40 yuan -45 yuan solar panel: 50w80w controller type: boost boost boost battery panel price: about 275 yuan 440 yuan

how much is the rural solar energy integrated Street lamp

about applicable areas: ordinary roads, urban roads, rainy days: daily controller price: 80 yuan -240 yuan 80 yuan -240 yuan Specification of pool plate: monocrystalline silicon 17% monocrystalline silicon 17% lighting duration: hours, hours, ordinary street lamp price: about 650 yuan, about 880 yuan, solar street lamp price: about 750 yuan, about 1000 yuan, lithium battery voltage: 12V12V, lithium battery capacity: 40ah60ah, lithium battery warranty: three years, three years, lithium battery price: about 480 yuan, about 720 yuan

Xingchi products have passed strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, Make the heat transfer from high-temperature objects to low-temperature objects. You can sign a quality agreement to buy products. If the quality is not qualified, you will be refunded in full. Energy conservation and environmental protection and environmental pollution are often mutual. Only when there is pollution can there be environmental treatment and the development of environmental protection products. However, in the development and production of environmental protection products, there is often strong pollution. Just like solar street lamp products, they are products without power support. They are green and pollution-free, but they produce a lot of pollution in the production of solar street lamps. If they are not handled well, what hidden dangers do they have, There is also the possibility of pollution in the use of solar street lamp products. Nowadays, the installation of solar street lamps is directly to bury the battery under the ground. If the battery is damaged or leaked, it will pollute the land, causing great consequences. Some batteries are discarded and successfully industrialized into the commercial field. How much is the battery directly

how much is the rural integrated solar street lamp

it is not harmless to put it under the ground, and it will also cause serious pollution after a long time in the sun, At present, this pollution is not piecemeal and has not attracted attention

how much is the rural solar integrated street lamp? The price is for reference only. For details, contact manager LAN. We suggest that the maintenance of solar street lamps should be carried out twice a year. It's really not feasible. Once a year is also OK. The most important time is in winter. When the haze is relatively large, you can clean the dust on the battery panel and check the wires of the street lamp manhole. If there is no problem with the lamps, you can clean the dust in time, If there is a problem, timely maintenance can maximize the service life of the battery. It is recommended that the second maintenance is actually the hottest time in the sun. The main maintenance is to check the circuit. When it is hot, the package of the circuit should be strong to prevent leakage, otherwise a short circuit may occur. Secondly, timely cleaning the bugs in the street lamps is also a task in summer, but at present, most LED lamp caps are fully sealed, which does not exist this problem. Thank you for watching the rural solar integrated street lamp. How much is it

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