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How much is the baiting machine in Zhongshan fishpond, Guangdong?

how much is the baiting machine in Zhongshan fishpond, Guangdong?

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how much is the baiting machine in Zhongshan fishpond, Guangdong? Zhongshan Yiyuan mechanical equipment company is a professional fishing gear company integrating the research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service of fishing machinery, and is one of the most competitive fishing gear enterprises in China. Creating an original ecological breeding environment and giving fish and shrimp a happy growth space is the foundation of our development

box fish farming Guangdong Zhongshan fish pond baiting machine: according to the different use conditions of the box, it can be divided into deep water tank automatic baiting machine and surface box automatic baiting machine. The deep water tank automatic feeding machine is to directly convey the feed to the center of the tank 1 ~ 2 meters deep from the water surface; If equipped with a computer, the automatic bait feeder of the water surface box is used to scatter the feed in the center of the water surface of the box of 25 m2 (5 m long and 5 m wide), with a scattering area of 2.8 ~ 3.2 m2

automatic feeding machine for industrialized fish culture: this kind of feeding machine is often used in greenhouse fish culture and industrialized fish culture. The amount of feed thrown by the feeding machine each time is not large, but it is very uniform and practical. Generally, the throwing area is 0.8 ~ 1.2 m2. The controller often has three timing methods: mechanical timing, electronic timing and single-chip timing. In the actual work process, the single-chip timing method is generally used. This method can adjust the interval time and continuous feeding time at any time. The timing is very accurate and highly intelligent

if the gap between the blade and the baffle of the feeder housing is increased simply to prevent the pellet feed of the fish pond feeder from being stuck, the feed from the feed box can easily flow directly into the centrifugal disc through these gaps. At this time, the function of the feeder will completely disappear, and the feeder will continue to increase in the future, which is useless. After repeated tests, we Yiyuan baiting machine company made the blade edge and the opening of the shell baffle into a tooth shape, and the two are staggered

and leave a certain gap. When the pellet feed is between the blade and the baffle of the shell of the deformation gauge that can get the sample, it will be cut off by the tooth tip at the edge of the blade and the tooth tip at the opening of the shell baffle, the blade will no longer be stuck by the feed, and the feeder can operate normally. Although this improvement is very simple, it is a key breakthrough, and finally it makes the automatic timing and quantitative feeding of the feeding machine a reality

the implementation of fish pond baiting machine can not only improve the breeding efficiency, but also save the breeding cost. At present, China has entered a period of rapid development, including economic development, scientific and technological development, etc. economic development promotes the improvement of Chinese living standards. If the living standards are good, then the consumption level will naturally be improved

the development of science and technology promotes the emergence of emerging products, which is also a sign of a country's growing strength, and the emergence of new products also drives the development of the breeding industry, realizing scientific breeding and automatic breeding mode. We should understand that the development of science and technology cannot be separated from economic support, and the emergence of every scientific and technological achievement cannot be separated from economic support

and economic development is inseparable from the broad masses of people, but the advent of scientific and technological achievements can benefit the people. The so-called "take from the people and use for the people" these seemingly complex relationships can be summarized in this sentence

the common products of Guangdong Zhongshan fish pond baiting machine in layer breeding are "traveling crane type feeding machine". This kind of feeding machine can be divided into top feeding box type and cross cage feeding box type. In fact, the working principle of these two types is the same, but the configuration method of batching box is different, and the selection can be carried out completely according to the breeding needs

in addition, it can also be divided into traction type and self-propelled type according to the way of movement. In fact, there is no big difference. The only difference is the configuration of power. Working principle of automatic feeder, working principle of top box type: this kind of feeder is equipped with a bucket type feed box on the top of the chicken house

the size of the barrel can be adjusted, and the minimum volume should also be enough to feed the chicken house at one time. The international influence of China's plastic machinery industry continues to improve. The bottom of the box is also equipped with a auger (to stir the feed so that it can flow smoothly). When it works normally, the auger rotates with it, pushing the feed out of the box along the auger, and evenly discharging it into the trough along the sliding pipe

because of its unique feeding port and loading port, we can place the loading port in the warehouse, and because of its tightness, it will not cause a large amount of feed powder to accumulate under the feeding machine and cause rats to bite the wires, and the fan can also prolong its service life by avoiding the wind and sun in the warehouse

the use of 360 degree automatic feeder many customers think that it is only used in reservoirs or large water surfaces, and a pond of more than 20 mu is not needed. However, through actual use, we find that the additional functions it brings, such as the increase in the volume of the feeding area, the uniformity of fish body specifications, etc., are what we need. As long as the pond is more than 15 mu, Yiyuan 360 degree automatic feeder can be installed. The emergence of Yiyuan feeder is bound to be the development trend of the breeding industry, and it will also lead to major changes in the breeding industry

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