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How much is a Weihai photovoltaic street lamp usually?

height of street lamp pole: 3.5 meters

basic power of light source: 15 watts -20 watts

Standard Specification of street lamp: 3.5 meters, 15 watts

LED price range: 425 yuan -495 yuan

wall thickness of standard lamp pole: 2.5mm

upper opening of lamp pole caliber: 80mm

lower opening of lamp pole caliber: 80mm

style name of lamp pole: equal diameter tube

general style of lamp cap: Lotus small lamp

ordinary lamp arm Formula: high and low arm

street lamp cap price: 35 yuan to 55 yuan

lamp pole price range: 255 yuan to 345 yuan

lamp pole material spraying: ordinary cast iron

installation spacing suggestion: meter

lamp source standard material: halogen bulb

installation application scenario: scenic Lake area

led light source advantage: start without delay

installation cost introduction: 100 yuan a

lithium battery specification: 16 a when

photovoltaic panel Specification: 50W

the above information content: for reference only

installation and characteristics of streetlight pole relaxation tester height: 4 meters

light source basic power: 20 watts -25 watts

streetlight standard specification: 4 meters 20 watts

LED price range: 512 yuan -535 yuan

standard pole wall thickness: 2.75 thick

pole diameter upper opening: 80 mm

pole diameter lower opening: 140 mm

pole style name: reducer

lamp Head general style: small golden bean style

lamp arm general style: A-arm

street lamp cap price: 60 yuan to 95 yuan

lamp pole price range: 330 yuan to 450 yuan

lamp pole material spray molding: Q235 steel

installation spacing suggestions: about 20 meters

lamp source standard material: high pressure sodium lamp

installation application scenario: villa courtyard

led light source advantages: no line of sight interference

installation cost introduction price: 120 yuan/cup

specification of lithium battery: 20 ampere hour

specification of photovoltaic panel: 60W

the above information content: for reference only

street lamps and lanterns are an important part of the whole street lamps. It involves the overall use effect of street lamps, and is also a major factor affecting the price of the whole set of street lamps. In fact, the long service life of municipal circuit lamps depends mainly on street lamps and lanterns. The better the quality of street lamps and lanterns, the longer the use time. We must have certain knowledge when choosing street lamps. Street lamps are composed of LED light source, aluminum substrate, radiator, power supply and lamp shell. For street lamp manufacturers, low-priced products can also be sold to you, but low-priced products will not have good quality, so sometimes our street lamp manufacturers prefer not to do this business, such as the impact of single cup coffee capsules and long shelf-life packaging. They prefer not to make money, rather than do low-priced products, and do not want to ruin their brand. Chen quanxun stressed that the color difference of solar street lamp panels will not affect the service life and power generation efficiency of solar street lamps at all. Please feel free to buy

how much is a Weihai photovoltaic street lamp usually? The above is all the short-term market that will be sorted out. The price is for reference only. The price of LED street lamps is affected by many factors, mainly including the following points: solar cells, street lamp controllers, LED street lamp lamps, batteries and lamp poles. The market prices of these components are different, which leads to different prices of LED street lamps. When you choose LED street lamps, you must comprehensively consider the performance and quality of various components. You can't just choose them based on their low price. After all, cheap is not good. Choosing high-quality LED street lamps will make them more comfortable to use and have a lower probability of failure. Compared with the previous traditional street lamps, solar LED street lamps are very energy-saving, which can save more than half of the energy than the previous traditional street lamps. Therefore, the large use of this led street lamp is very beneficial to environmental protection. Thank you for watching Weihai photovoltaic street lamps. How much is a full text

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