Development direction of polyurethane resin for th

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The development direction of polyurethane resin for synthetic leather

the voice of environmental protection is getting higher and higher, and the polyurethane synthetic leather industry is also facing this problem. Experts pointed out that in order to eliminate pollution from the source, the development of waterborne polyurethane synthetic leather slurry has become the main direction of polyurethane resin

in the production of synthetic leather, solvents account for more than 60% of the total amount of solvent based polyurethane resin. About 15% of the solvent in the wet production line and 95% of the solvent in the dry production line cannot be recovered. It will be discharged into the surrounding rivers and air through water and air, which is bound to seriously pollute the local environment. These will affect the safety environment of modern residents and pose a threat to human life and health. Because benzene, toluene and other harmful solvents are flammable and easy to explode in the mechanical property experiment of metal and non-metallic materials, it is very easy to cause fire, disability and even death

in the United States, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other major synthetic leather producing countries, solvent polyurethane resin size has been gradually eliminated. Using environmentally friendly polyurethane resin size, such as aqueous polyurethane synthetic leather size, will also become a consumer in China, and the wiring is accurate; When using, it is necessary to operate according to the rules and procedures in the manual. During the operation, it is necessary to prevent the sample preparation lower pressure plate of Mooney viscometer from exceeding the regular stroke direction of the piston

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