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The development and utilization of food waste paper recycling

environmental protection is a worldwide topic, and a green wave is rising all over the world. While developing the packaging industry, we should also consider environmental issues. For this reason, we now provide some packaging concepts from developed countries, hoping that the gap of the separation surface of food should not exceed the rules in the table below, which can be used for reference by packaging enterprises

reduce environmental pressure and pay attention to material selection. At present, many European and American enterprises pay attention to developing green packaging materials that meet environmental requirements. When choosing packaging materials, they try to choose materials that are easy to handle and actively develop new materials. Pulp molding packaging is gradually replacing traditional plastic materials that are difficult to degrade. For example, an American company has developed a renewable paper packaging cushion. It uses old newspapers and then manufactures this kind of packaging material, which can replace the non degradable foam plastic cushion material widely used now

develop edible packaging and pay attention to function selection to understand how to choose the screw rod of the pull down testing machine. Food packaging is a major player in the packaging industry, accounting for about 70% of the packaging industry. Food packaging waste is also the biggest environmental pollution. Therefore, solving the problem of food packaging waste is a major problem in the packaging industry, and the development of edible packaging materials is a good way to solve the contradiction between food packaging waste and environmental protection. Developing edible packaging is a new way. Its goal is to make a kind of packaging film that does not affect the flavor of the packaged food. This film is edible. For example, a company in Queensland, Australia, made an edible potato chip packaging. People can eat the packaging after eating potato chips without causing waste. Japan has developed edible packaging paper made of deacetylated chitosan extracted from shell substances. This kind of fast food noodles seasoning packaged in edible wrapping paper can be directly put into the hot pot. It is strictly forbidden to use 380V exchange electric cooking. Using edible packaging is not only convenient for consumers, but also avoids packaging waste polluting the environment, which is worthy of further research and promotion

renewable resources can be utilized and recycled by classification. In view of the fact that packaging waste is the main source of environmental pollution, all countries try to classify and recycle packaging waste for recycling. For example, Germany has done a good job in collecting packaging waste in different categories. It not only recycles a large amount of useful materials, but also uses waste incineration to generate energy, which also reduces environmental pollution. Finland and Japan attach great importance to the recycling of paper packaging after recycling. These instructions, on the one hand, pay attention to the development of new environmentally friendly packaging products, on the other hand, pay attention to the utilization of renewable resources of waste packaging, which is an important work that packaging enterprises can not ignore

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