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Prediction of the development direction and focus of the packaging market

with the reduction of China's tariffs, more and more foreign businessmen will enter China to invest and build factories for localized production. High quality and low price commodities will win the trust of domestic consumers, which will have an impact on domestic products and markets, and the competition in the packaging market will become increasingly fierce. Relevant experts predict the future development direction and focus of the packaging market as follows: first, packaging and printing products should be developed in the direction of medium, high-grade, diversified and multi-color; Develop towards the popularization of easy transportation and storage

secondly, vigorously develop plastic packaging, especially gravure and flexographic plastic flexible packaging. Among the four major packaging materials of paper, plastic, glass and metal, paper and plastic materials have been widely used because of their low prices and will coexist for a long time

food, drugs, health products, dairy products, cosmetics, washing supplies, etc. are the largest users of plastic flexible packaging, which has great development potential. Plastic flexible packaging plays an increasingly important role in many fields. For example, convenience food, candy, dairy products (solid milk powder, Pingmei Group Chairman Liang Tieshan also expressed the powerlessness of asset disposal to Caixin for continuous innovation), beverages and Baijiu, grain, condiments, meat, aquatic products and cans, gas-phase antirust flexible packaging film, flexible packaging infusion bag, daily chemical products, pet food, water-soluble film, drugs, plastic labels, and other markets

finally, packaging and printing products adapt to the development of dairy, beverage, food, medicine, small household appliances and other industries

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