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The development and trend of carton printing

introducing advanced printing equipment to change the backward face of printing

before the 1970s, the carton printing technology in Shanghai was quite backward, using a single offset press to print words and patterns on the surface of the carton. If you want to print two colors, you need to print twice, and then the printing surface is mounted on the corrugating machine, and then enter the next process, including paper separation, line pressing, corner cutting, slotting, and box ordering. The whole process is very complex. The printing plate is made of hand carved rubber plate and zinc plate. The main problem of offset printing is that the drying speed of oily ink is slow, but the manual paper feeding speed is slower, and the labor intensity of workers is high. The oily ink must be cleaned with gasoline to cause pollution. This process has been completely eliminated at present

in the early 1980s, China's carton machinery industry imitated Japanese water-based printing slotting machines. At that time, single and double printing slotting machines were generally manufactured. By the 1990s, carton enterprises generally used water-based printing slotting machines. This is a major technological revolution in carton printing in China. 5.2zui large dynamic experimental force: 500kN, realizing the first leap in the development of carton printing technology

absorb international advanced carton printing technology and creatively develop printing machinery and equipment

in the late 1990s, with the continuous and rapid development of corrugated box industry, we introduced water-based printing and die-cutting machines from France, the United States, Japan, Germany and Taiwan to countries with international advanced printing technology. Because Taiwan equipment has an absolute advantage in China's market, especially Guangdong is basically Taiwan equipment, during this period, Technical experts in China's carton machinery industry have gone to advanced countries to study and investigate, and combined with China's actual situation, absorb, improve and innovate to develop China's printing technology and printing equipment. For example, the chairman of Shanghai DINGLONG Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. led the chief engineer, chief designer and engineering technicians to visit the United States, France, Japan and Taiwan successively, and used the method of Sino foreign technical cooperation to manufacture the latest generation of water-based printing die-cutting machine and water-based printing slotting machine in China. Zyk full-automatic computer-controlled high-speed multi-color printing slotting die-cutting machine is a high-tech product developed in 2001 that has reached the international advanced level, It has been approved as a "national key torch project" and has been approved as a "high-tech enterprise" by Shanghai to obtain national new products. The State Property Office granted eight patents. The products sell well in more than 30 box cities in China and have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions. In 2002, in order to meet the printing and die-cutting processing of high-end cartons in the domestic and foreign markets, Dinglong company has successfully developed and produced zykx down type full-automatic computer high-speed multi-color printing slotting die-cutting machine and super large mw1720 × 1260s Automatic full dynamic flat pressing die-cutting machine fills the domestic gap. These two new products are supplied to the market and are favored by the majority of users. The lower printing machine adopts computer control, leading-edge paper feeding, printing vacuum adsorption transmission, rubber roller and double scraper compatible scraping volume, precision linear guide rail traverse system in the slotting part, constant displacement and automatic speed difference compensation in the die-cutting part to ensure consistent speed. The whole transmission connection adopts chain free connection to ensure long-term transmission accuracy. The new generation of printing equipment represented by Shanghai Dinglong and a number of enterprises such as Guangdong Dongfang and Shaanxi beiren printing machines represent the second leap of China's printing machinery and equipment, and provide high-speed, efficient and high-precision printing machinery for China's carton printing

corrugated box printing is developing to high-end and efficient, meeting the needs of domestic and foreign markets

China has entered the 21st century, joined the WTO, and Shanghai has successfully applied for Expo, providing packaging market space. Countries around the world are optimistic about the Chinese market. A large number of foreign capital entering the Chinese market to set up factories and do business will bring great vitality and development opportunities to China's packaging industry. In the ten years since the reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has grown at an average rate of 18%, while Shanghai's carton industry has grown at an average rate of 25%. The rapid growth and development of carton industry, especially domestic and foreign brand products and export products, put forward higher and higher printing requirements for carton packaging to meet user requirements:

1 Carton transportation packaging is gradually developing to commodity packaging. The printed words and patterns of cartons should be clear, beautiful, bright, multi-color, dot and three-dimensional, so as to beautify the packaging

2. Carton printing has gradually developed from monochrome and two colors to three colors, which is suitable for ul859-six color printing. It requires accurate chromaticity. Theoretical calculation and practical experiments show that there is a little bit. At present, the point is 40-60 lines, and it will be developed to 80 lines in the future. The progress of printing machinery is quite high, and flexographic printing brush should be developed

3. Box printing is gradually developed from yellow board to white board, and white background color printing is developed. Water-based ink is used to replace oil-based ink, and water-based printing is used to replace offset printing, so that the box surface is beautiful, clear and gorgeous, the printing technology content is high, the added value of goods is improved, and environmental protection and pollution-free are achieved

in order to improve the printing quality, we must pay attention to the quality of base paper ingredients and corrugated board. At present, the focus of enterprise technological transformation should be on the transformation of printing equipment, and the focus should be on the purchase of high-end high-speed, efficient and high-precision multi-color printing slotting die-cutting machine equipment, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of high-end products

from the analysis of carton industry, except that large enterprises with certain economic strength can introduce foreign advanced printing equipment, most carton enterprises should adapt to economic strength and purchase domestic brand printing machinery and equipment. Printing equipment in the United States, France, Japan and Germany is expensive at more than 10million yuan. Taiwan's printing equipment is about twice that of China. Domestic equipment is generally about 1 million to 2 million yuan, and the price of accessories, vulnerable parts and maintenance is low

information source: Shanghai packaging

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