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The development direction and application prospect of new biaxial tensile film

Li Jianbo pointed out that

with the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, higher requirements have been put forward for the packaging of daily necessities, food, drugs and various industrial products. High performance and functional soft plastic packaging materials have become the focus of development and research, with high barrier, high transparency, multi-functional freshness Asepsis is also equipped with a self charging electronic array with mechanical conductivity (antibacterial) flexible plastic packaging materials have attracted increasing attention, and show growing market demand

plastic films prepared by biaxial stretching technology have incomparable advantages in strength, rigidity, dimensional stability, optical properties and thickness uniformity. Therefore, they occupy an important position in the packaging of food, medicine and other industrial products

in the past decade, the production and application of biaxially oriented films in China have developed rapidly. The output of BOPP and BOPET films has increased significantly, and China has become the world's largest producer of biaxially oriented films

however, the production and application of biaxially oriented films in China are still in an extensive growth stage with high speed, low efficiency and high consumption. Most products are of low grade, and there is a big gap with developed countries, especially in the functional aspect of film. Most high-end functional packaging materials rely on imports, which has become a major factor restricting the development of food and pharmaceutical product packaging in China

therefore, it has become a very urgent task to develop a new type of biaxially stretched film with excellent performance, proper appearance, convenient packaging operation, environmental protection and safety for food and pharmaceutical packaging, to improve the packaging grade of China's food and pharmaceutical products, to meet the growing market demand, to replace imports, and to enhance the export capacity of food and pharmaceutical products

due to the impact of the wave of environmental protection, consumers have put forward higher and higher requirements for commodity packaging. Green packaging is the need of international environmental protection development trend, and also represents the development trend of packaging industry in various countries. It is one of the important contents to improve product market competitiveness and avoid new trade barriers. The greening of plastic flexible packaging film has also become one of the important development trends

at present, there is no completely unified definition of green packaging. Generally speaking, appropriate packaging that can be recycled, recycled or degraded, and does not cause public hazards to human body and environment in the whole life cycle of products is called green packaging. The most important meaning of green packaging is to protect the environment, but also has the significance of resource regeneration

there is a common principle for the application of packaging materials: on the premise of meeting the packaging function, minimize the amount of garbage, that is, encourage the use of less raw materials. In packaging design, we should try to use the same materials, separable and coexisting materials, and tend to use materials with simple structure and easy recycling. Therefore, it presents the development trend of lightweight packaging film

therefore, it is of great significance to take advantage of the opportunities of high-performance, functionalization and new environmental requirements of biaxially stretched film to improve the level of China's biaxially stretched film manufacturing industry, improve product structure and expand market opportunities

I. Development of high-performance new BOPP film

development of high rigid BOPP film

use advanced drawing technology and additives to further improve the rigidity and mechanical properties of BOPP film, so that it can meet the requirements of packaging function and packaging operation under thinner conditions, make the packaging material thinner, and further meet the requirements of simple packaging

development of BOPP film with high transparency and low migration

through the use of new additives, the migration of additives is reduced, so that the film can maintain good optical properties within the packaging service life and does not pollute the packaged items, meeting the packaging health requirements of food and drugs

development of BOPP synthetic paper

PP synthetic paper has the characteristics of both plastic and paper, and its main applications include food packaging, drug packaging, industrial product packaging, commodity packaging, etc; It can also be used as in mold labels, pressure-sensitive labels, thermal labels, paper for banknotes, color image paper, tracing paper for CAD, recording paper for industrial computers and instruments, express envelopes, and other tourism promotional supplies

development of other BOPP films with different properties

development of BOPP extinction films with special optical effects and improved packaging appearance; Further improve the heat resistance and tear resistance of BOPP, expand the application range of BOPP, promote product differentiation, and improve the cost performance of BOPP film

Second, the development of new environmental protection label film

there are many kinds of commodity labels, and they continue to develop with the development of market and technology. In recent decades, pressure sensitive labels (or self-adhesive labels) have been increasing their share in the label market due to their convenient use and other advantages. However, it is unlikely that such a large growth rate will be maintained in the long-term use process in the future. Because the pressure-sensitive type also has its shortcomings, the most important is that it is easy to be counterfeited. Therefore, in recent years, the application of non pressure sensitive labels has a growing trend

in the field of labels, shrink labels occupy an important position and are often used to promote new products, including beverages, dairy products, powdered foods and fast food. It is mainly used for shrink sleeve, full seal label, bottle cap and cap sealing, anti-theft tape and cluster packaging, etc. The shrink label has the characteristics of good gloss and good fit, which can redefine the beverage brand when used. Its gloss and shrinkage can make the packaging pattern on bottled drinks more vivid. By using shrinkage film, packaging bottles with novel shapes can be designed, and eye-catching colors can be used to realize 360 ° label design, highlighting the image on supermarket shelves. Therefore, the demand for shrink labels is growing at an annual growth rate of about 20%

at present, PVC shrink film is mainly used for shrink labels. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is urgent to develop shrink film based on OPS and PETG as a substitute for PVC

ops is widely used in the labeling and full sealing of polyester bottled soft drinks and the shrink packaging of optical discs because of its light specific gravity, high shrinkage and excellent printing performance

PETG shrink labels can be used for label covers of daily necessities, edible oil packaging containers and other industrial shrink packages

due to the gradual prohibition of PVC labels in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places and European countries, environmental friendly shrink labels will be greatly developed in recent years

as a new type of biaxial tensile film, OPS and PETG shrink film are basically blank in China at present, and their development and application have broad market prospects

III. Development of environmentally friendly hard candy twist film

China is a big country in the production and consumption of candy, and also a big country in the export of candy products. At present, PVC twisted film is mainly used in hard candy packaging in China, and cellophane twisted film is mainly used in export products. Therefore, the development of new environmentally friendly twisted film to replace PVC and cellophane has become an urgent task for candy packaging in China

among the biaxially stretched films used for twisted films, pet twisted films, BOPS twisted films and polyolefin based twisted films are the key development directions. Since environmental friendly twisted film is mainly used for the packaging of export products, its main replacement is expensive cellophane, so the development of such products will produce better economic benefits; And has a good market prospect

source: Zhejiang food

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