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The development direction of the lifting platform vehicle products

the use of high-altitude work machinery is becoming more and more extensive, the products of the high-altitude lifting platform are constantly improving, and a variety of new technologies and new materials are constantly emerging, which makes the further development of the high-altitude work platform possible. 2. The recycling is also unprofitable, the friction is relatively large, and the service life is short. Its development direction can be summarized into five aspects:

1 With the continuous improvement of China's urbanization level, the number of high-rise buildings in China's cities has increased sharply, and the height of buildings has also increased, which has created a demand for high-altitude work platforms. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the domestic market and the public, we will inevitably increase efforts to design and produce high-altitude work platforms

second, the weight of the lifting platform is reduced

the self weight of the boom system of the aerial work platform directly affects the working range and stability of the aerial work platform. With the in-depth study of the boom system of the aerial work platform, people have a certain understanding of the optimization of the boom structure, which makes its structure and section more reasonable when designing and producing the boom, So that you can rest assured that the weight of the boom can be reduced when you buy it. Third, the multifunctional lifting platform. At present, in addition to some aerial work equipment, aerial work platforms are generally equipped with fire pumps, fire water tanks and other fire-fighting equipment in the face of the lightweight trend of automobile design. At the same time, some high-altitude escape devices, such as high-altitude escape bags, can also be configured to achieve high-altitude rescue. In short, The future aerial work platform will be a multi-function high-performance work vehicle

IV. serialization of lifting platforms

serialization is undoubtedly an important trend in the development of aerial work platforms. This is in terms of the anti risk ability of enterprises. From a worldwide perspective, many famous construction machinery companies have gradually realized their product serialization and formed products of various specifications. Because the life cycle of a single product is limited, its anti risk ability is very low. The serialization of products can effectively reduce the R & D cycle of products. Therefore, domestic aerial work platforms are bound to develop in the direction of serialization

v. intelligent lifting platform

with the continuous development of control technology, aerial work platforms gradually appear intelligent functions such as automatic leveling, visual operation, intelligent safety operation, wireless remote control and remote monitoring

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