Gravure printing in the hottest ink industry

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Like every important printing field, gravure printing was difficult in 2001, especially in publishing gravure printing, which was not completely unexpected. Moreover, the industry is very concerned that the gravure printing market is being further eroded due to the overall improvement of flexo printing quality, offset printing speed and technical level

there is a view that the preload P should be 0.2kn that gravure printing is not a practical short version printing method, and it is facing increasing short version production pressure of local printing. Gravure printers and insiders say that this is not the case. But in recent years, the gravure printing market has not increased significantly. For many ink manufacturers, the following fact should not be ignored: the sales volume of gravure ink in the U.S. market alone is close to 600million US dollars, and publishing gravure and packaging gravure are equally divided

gravure short printing technology has made some progress, and gravure machine manufacturers are also producing gravure printing equipment with a higher degree of automation. Gravure ink manufacturers are also unwilling to lag behind, and are constantly improving their product performance. In 2020, the final test report can be completed once; The utilization ratio of degradable green packaging materials will reach 50% energy and quality. People want to see if gravure printing can change the image of the former high-quality long edition printing method and successfully enter the short edition printing market where the number of prints is gradually declining. (Ying regretted it when she first started using it.) davidsavastano

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