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Green design and implementation of domestic packaging industry (Part I)

with the development of international trade and packaging industry, it has become a consensus to actively develop commodity packaging that meets environmental protection requirements. Compared with traditional packaging, the most obvious feature of green packaging is that the concept of environmental protection runs through the whole life process of packaged products. The design and materials of packaging should meet the requirements of environmental protection. The implementation of green packaging includes formulating national development plan, implementing environmental protection legislation, strengthening environmental protection education, protecting ecological environment, etc

key words: packaging industry; Green design; Implementation plan

in today's world, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, economic construction is developing rapidly, and environmental protection has become the focus of attention of governments and people all over the world. At the same time, with the development of international trade and packaging industry, the resulting environmental problems have aroused widespread concern all over the world. It has become a consensus to protect the environment and actively develop commodity packaging that meets the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, China's packaging industry must change its concept and strengthen its awareness of non pollution, so as to adapt to the new competition caused by the new standards and regulations put forward by various countries for packaging materials and packaging wastes, and vigorously develop green packaging

I. connotation of green packaging

green packaging refers to all kinds of packaging materials that are harmless, less polluting and meet environmental requirements. It includes two meanings of environment and resource regeneration. The green packaging in the sustainable development strategy requires that the design, manufacture, use and treatment of product packaging should meet the requirements of ecological environment protection such as low consumption, reduction and less pollution

compared with traditional packaging, the most obvious feature of green packaging is that the concept of environmental protection runs through the whole life process of packaged products, that is, there are two main factors from raw material collection, material processing, product manufacturing, product use and waste: the short clamping length of the sample and the improper selection of the jaw of the fixture. The waste recycling and regeneration until the final treatment should not cause harm to the environment and human body. Traditional packaging must have three functions: protection, convenience and promotion, while green packaging must also have an important environmental protection function. With the function of environmental protection, it has produced the effect of "pulling one hair and moving the whole body" in the packaging industry. It requires that the packaging materials must be non-toxic and harmless, renewable or degradable. Changes in materials also require corresponding changes in processing technology, processing machinery, container manufacturing, packaging design, decoration printing and other links, thus triggering a great change in the concept and technological revolution of the entire packaging industry; It requires all links, processes and personnel of the entire packaging industry to participate. Under the general goal of realizing green packaging with environmental protection function, the whole industry must divide work and cooperate, strengthen cooperation, and complete their respective tasks, including the development of pollution-free packaging materials (degradable or renewable), pollution-free processes and pollution-free packaging products, the development of new material testing methods and the formulation of corresponding standards, material recycling technology, composting technology It is necessary to organize, manage and coordinate the use of new packaging materials, the development of printing and packaging machinery, packaging legislation, the management of various recycling procedures, the training and education of high-quality green packaging design and management personnel, etc. to complete the above interrelated tasks according to the method of system engineering. Only by organizing experts from all aspects of the packaging industry, such as packaging structure design, packaging materials, packaging testing, packaging machinery, packaging technology, packaging management, packaging printing and decoration, and packaging education, and closely combining green packaging with their own work links, can we complete the huge system engineering of the great change in the packaging industry, so as to achieve green packaging, reduce pollution, reduce the use of materials, reduce energy consumption The lofty goal of protecting the environment and resources. Specifically, it should have the following meanings:

(1) implement package reduction. Green packaging should be the appropriate packaging with the least consumption under the condition of meeting the functions of protection, convenience and sales

(2) the packaging shall be easy to reuse, or its waste shall be easy to recycle. The purpose of reuse can be achieved by repeated use or by recycling wastes and producing recycled products

(3) packaging waste can be degraded. In order not to form permanent waste, the non recyclable packaging waste should be decomposed and decomposed, and the soil should be improved through composting. At present, the industrial countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of biodegradable packaging materials. Reduce, reuse, recycle and degradable, namely, the 3R and 1D principles for the development of green packaging recognized in the world today

(4) packaging materials shall be non-toxic and harmless to human body and organisms. The packaging materials should preferably not contain toxic elements, halogens and heavy metals. If they are contained, their content should be controlled below the relevant standards

(5) in the whole life cycle of packaging products, the environment should not be polluted or cause public hazards. That is to say, the whole process of packaging products from raw material collection, material processing, product manufacturing, product use, waste foreign automobile safety coil spring with a low fatigue life can reach more than 50000, and the waste can be recycled and regenerated, until the final treatment, it shall not cause harm to human body and the environment

II. Design of green packaging

(1) packaging designers should try their best to use green packaging materials and design long-life packaging materials, which can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by the waste of packaging materials

(2) packaging reduction. In some developed countries, many supermarkets encourage consumers to use reusable nylon shopping bags instead of disposable plastic bags. The materials used in the packaging design shall be minimized, unnecessary packaging shall be eliminated as far as possible, and simple packaging shall be advocated to save resources

(3) simplification of packaging materials. The materials used shall be as simple as possible and shall not be mixed with heterogeneous materials to facilitate recycling

(4) the packaging design is detachable. Packaging requiring composite structure should be designed into a detachable structure, which is conducive to recycling after disassembly

(5) pay attention to the reuse of packaging materials. Adopt recyclable, reusable and recycled packaging to improve the life cycle of packaging and reduce packaging waste

(6) harmlessness of packaging materials

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